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Filled with significant events and
record-breaking results, 2011 was one of the single-most successful years in our company’s nearly four-decade history.

Every single success outlined in this letter stems from the energy, effort and commitment of Men’s Wearhouse employees. Together, we have fashioned market-leading businesses serving the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Company-wide, total sales for 2011 were $2.4 billion, an increase of 13 percent over 2010, and net earnings increased 78 percent over lastyear, marking the largest growth rate in the company’s history.



Men’s Wearhouse’s sales grew to $1.5 billion, a 9 percent increase over the previous year. Average store volumes neared an all-time high. Omni channel promotional campaigns successfully drove customers to our stores, and in-store, online and e-mail elements compounded our messaging’s impact. Enabling store personnel visibility and direct procurement of central inventory levels enhance convenience for customers and improvement of our in-stock rates store-by-store.


Value-oriented K&G Fashion Superstore achieved $375 million in annual sales for fiscal 2011, representing a 4 percent year-on-year increase.


One of Canada’s leading men’s specialty retailers realized a strong year with $268 million in annual sales, an 8 percent increase over 2010.


MW Cleaners achieved its most successful year to date, earning $25 million in sales, a 5 percent increase over 2010. Enhancements to and focus on customer convenience and other productivity initiatives further differentiated MW Cleaners from Houston, Texas based competitors.


Men’s Wearhouse’s global corporate apparel and workwear group includes Twin Hill in the United States and Dimensions and Alexandra in the United Kingdom. Twin Hill saw an 18 percent increase in sales over 2010, reaching $25 million.

Men’s Wearhouse continues to integrate Dimensions and Alexandra, eliminating office and distribution edundancies. Dimensions remains the United Kingdom’s largest uniform provider and clothes 5 million in corporate workwear every single day. In 2011, the UK-based operations achieved $218 million in sales.


Behind the stores, behind the brands, bolstering each success was the work of our special teams. In 2011, our marketing, store construction, training and events specialists achieved notable results:

Managed three promotional businesses across a diverse mix of channels (in-store, television, radio, magazine, out-of-home, online, e-mail, direct mail, text) and developed messaging that delivered strong results.

Built 25 new stores, expanded 18, relocated 11, closed 51, remodeled 87 and installed more than 600 televisions.

Completely redesigned the management training program, resulting in new curriculum taught through Managers’ University.

Successfully coordinated and hosted 55 employee black-tie holiday parties and countless team building programs.

In last year’s report, George Zimmer, Executive Chairman, spoke to continuity and change. This year’s myriad successes are the result of both. I am proud to lead the Men’s Wearhouse team at such an exciting time, and I am gratified for your continued support. We will continue to work to address the needs of our stakeholders and, in so doing, maximize our value to you, our shareholders.

Men’s Wearhouse modern fit styles feature jackets that are tapered at the waist, arms and lapels and pants that are narrowed through the legs. Even the ties get in on the action, measuring ½” - ¾” narrower than in previous years.

New in-store mannequins wear the contemporary styles well, and the style evolution will be supported through television and radio advertising and direct e-mail marketing.

Modern fit sales reached $300 million in 2011 and will continue to be a powerful driver, directly appealing to a younger market segment by offering a more flattering fit and look.


Our commitment to speaking directly to big and tall customers through radio, television and targeted e-mail campaigns will continue to drive traffic to our doors and to our site. Already, half of all web sales can be attributed to our big and tall customers.


In 2011, Men’s Wearhouse and Vera Wang announced a partnership to launch Black by Vera Wang, a collection of modern, sophisticated rental tuxedos available in standard, slim and big and tall fits. The collection includes contemporary tuxedoes in black and gray styled with a contemporary fit, including a slightly shorter coat length, narrow lapels and flat-front pants. Ultra-lightweight in fabrication,the tuxedos offer superior drape and a luxe feel.The collection will launch exclusively in all Men’s Wearhouse and Moores Clothing for Men stores in 2012.

At Men’s Wearhouse, we have updated ouronline presence with a new look and feel. Through our “Build a Tux” feature, customers can choose a model and select from custom tux options, pre-styled looks and a color coordinator that matches menswear to David’s Bridal color swatches.

Men’s Wearhouse increased comparable store tuxedo rentals by 5 percent in 2011 on top ofan 11 percent increase in 2010.

Sixty-two percent of people in the continental United States live within easy driving distance —10 miles or less—of one of more than 950 Men’s Wearhouse and Men’s Wearhouse & Tux stores.

In 2011, included in our 25 new store openings were smaller store formats. Our overall tuxedo rental business is now of the size that we can profitably operate in smaller markets than we could without tuxedo rentals, in locations such as Billings, Montana; Rapid City, South Dakota; Idaho Falls, Idaho and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Smaller format Men’s Wearhouse stores range from 3,000 to 4,500 square feet and $1.0 to $1.5 million in annual sales. By adapting our retail presence to the market, we anticipate growing our number of full-line locations from just over 600 to approximately 750 in the years to come.

The modern customer is mobile. The contemporary company must be connected to his lifestyle. Men’s Wearhouse is actively strengthening our online presence to deepen our relationships with our customers and ease their purchasing process.

Men’s Wearhouse’s online initiatives don’t stop with “Build a Tux.” No time for tailoring? Online tailoring allows customers to input their inseam and order hemming online. Coordinating a wedding party? In 2012, customers will be able to book an appointment online or use our mobile phone app to manage their groups. Additional improvements already in progress will be implemented throughout the coming year.

Targeted e-mail campaigns drive traffic to our site and to our stores. December offers addressing our Perfect Fit rewards program members resulted in an 85 percent redemption rate instore. We will implement comparable campaigns targeted to big and tall customers as well as a texting campaign targeted to K&G customers in the coming year.

We are integrating technology into the store experience as well. Wireless in the stores will facilitate customer transactions from tuxedo rentals to alterations conducted on iPads. We will phase out paper tickets and clunky binders, streamlining our operations and building in accuracy checks and balances.

We had record year-on-year earnings growth at the same time we smoothly completed our CEO transition.

After 38 years as CEO, this allowed me to step into the Executive Chairman’s role, leaving MW in the extraordinary hands of my protégé, Doug Ewert.

Leaving the day-to-day operation of MW in Doug’s hands along with his seasoned executive team, guarantees MW will be managed with the skill and care our shareholders deserve and that I am comfortable with. What I find most personally gratifying is that this group will continue to focus on all of our stakeholder groups, most notably our employees.

In 2011, we were once again voted a “Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For,” reflecting how our employees feel about their jobs and MW. Delivering 42,000 slices of pizza to our stores on a busy tuxedo rental day is a nice symbol of how our executives recognize the group that really maximizes shareholder value. Through our annual “Suit Drive,” we donated 144,000 gently used suits to men getting back into the workforce, acknowledging our commitment to the communities we work in.

We understand that our deep relationship with all of our stakeholders, especially our skilled, well-trained group of employees, is what will continue to provide you, our shareholders, with lasting value. I am proud and excited to be able to continue to work with Doug to maintain our success. I have never been more optimistic about our future.

I guarantee it!