Performed by Schlumberger

This was the 19th year of the Performed by Schlumberger program, which recognizes projects and their team members who have demonstrated exceptional levels of teamwork, innovation, and business impact for Schlumberger. Only one project receives the Chairman’s Award, representing an outstanding example of our core values: our people, our commitment to technology, and our determination to produce superior profits.

In 2018, 405 projects competed in the Performed by Schlumberger program. Schlumberger people around the globe cast their votes for the top three submissions, thereby shortening the list of contenders to seven projects. Several among these seven were recognized as winners of a Silver or Gold Performed by Schlumberger award, but only one received the highest accolade—the Chairman’s Award.

This year’s winner was the Wireline product line with The Rise of Remote project. Wireline is at the forefront of digital enablement in the E&P industry by combining downhole technologies with a highly effective and robust surface organizational integration between wellsites and remote operations centers where domain experts provide borderless competency for customers on a 24/7 basis.

Wireline remote operations have reduced the wellsite footprint; health, safety, and environment (HSE) exposure; and operational costs. These advances translate to setting new benchmarks for operational efficiency and decreased nonproductive time. Remote operations mean that informed decisions can be made in real time with a higher level of collaboration between customers and Schlumberger domain experts, such as drilling and reservoir engineers.

Wireline remote operations embrace a collaborative mindset, end-to-end systems knowledge, and redesigned workflows that firmly establish and support a new way of working based on innovative technology and domain expertise. This begins with a critical assessment of how the data are used across reservoir characterization, well construction, and field production. During the development process as it is conventionally practiced today, many types of data exist in silos, making holistic analysis challenging. Without a complete systems approach, precious information and time are lost because the lack of interface among different systems makes it difficult to share localized knowledge.

The Wireline product line has 13 remote operations centers around the globe that benefit from our domain experts, most of whom have more than 25 years of field experience. Since January 2017, these centers have completed more than 30,000 hours of logging on more than 3,650 projects worldwide. More importantly, the remote operations model has decreased nonproductive time by 50% compared with conventional wireline models. This includes the ability of the remote operations engineers to provide their problem-solving expertise on five times as many operations without physically traveling to each location.

The Rise of Remote project is being adopted across Schlumberger and by our customers to capitalize on the value unlocked by digital enablement in the E&P industry.

Performed by Schlumberger

The Rise of Remote project team received the Performed by Schlumberger Award from Chairman and CEO Paal Kibsgaard (second from left) and EVP Corporate Engagement Jean-François Poupeau (far left). Also pictured, from the left, Maria Lorente, Djamel Idri, Sebastien Roche, Nicholas Pantin, Swaty Gupta, and Jessica Latka.