Schlumberger 2010 Annual Report - page 107

Board of Directors
Philippe Camus
Co-Managing Partner
Société Lagardère
Senior Managing Director
Evercore Partners Inc.
New York, New York
Peter L. S. Currie
President, Currie Capital LLC
Palo Alto, California
Andrew Gould
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Tony Isaac
Former Chief Executive
The BOC Group plc
Surrey, United Kingdom
K. Vaman Kamath
Non-Executive Chairman
of the Board
ICICI Bank Limited
Mumbai, India
Nikolay Kudryavtsev
Moscow Institute of
Physics and Technology
Moscow, Russia
Adrian Lajous
Senior Energy Advisor
McKinsey & Company
Houston, Texas
President, Petrometrica
Mexico City, Mexico
Michael E. Marks
Managing Partner
Riverwood Capital, LLC
Palo Alto, California
Elizabeth Anne Moler
Former Executive Vice President,
Government Affairs and Policy
Exelon Corporation
McLean, Virginia
Leo Rafael Reif
Provost, Chief Academic Officer
and Chief Budget Officer
Massachusetts Institute of
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Member, Audit Committee
Member, Compensation Committee
Member, Finance Committee
Member, Nominating and Governance
Member, Technology Committee
Tore I. Sandvold
Sandvold Energy AS
Oslo, Norway
Henri Seydoux
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Parrot S.A.
Paris, France
Corporate Officers
Andrew Gould
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Paal Kibsgaard
Chief Operating Officer
Simon Ayat
Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer
Alexander C. Juden
Secretary and General Counsel
Satish Pai
Vice President Operations
Kjell-Erik Oestdahl
Vice President Operations
Ashok Belani
Vice President Technology
Doug Pferdehirt
Vice President Corporate
Development and Communication
Patrick Schorn
President, Reservoir
Production Group
Jean-Francois Poupeau
President, Drilling Group
Krishna Shivram
Vice President Treasurer
Stephanie Cox
Vice President Personnel
Clive Eckersley
Vice President
Mark Danton
Vice President – Director of Taxes
Rodney Nelson
Vice President Communications,
Innovation and Collaboration
Malcolm Theobald
Vice President Investor Relations
Howard Guild
Chief Accounting Officer
Saul Laureles
Assistant Secretary
Eileen Hardell
Assistant Secretary
Corporate Information
Stockholder Information
Schlumberger common stock is
listed on the New York Stock
Exchange, trading symbol SLB, and
on the Euronext Paris, London and
SIX Swiss Stock Exchanges.
For quarterly earnings, dividend
announcements and other infor-
mation, call 1-800-99-SLB-99
from the US and Canada and
1-813-774-5043 for callers
outside North America, or visit
and sign up
to receive email alerts.
Stock Transfer Agent
and Registrar
Computershare Trust
Company, N.A.
P.O. Box 43078
Providence, Rhode Island
1-877-785-9341 or 1-781-575-2707
General stockholder information is
available on the Computershare
Web site at
Form 10-K
The Schlumberger 2010 annual
report on Form 10-K filed with
the Securities and Exchange
Commission is available without
charge. To obtain a copy, call
1-800-997-5299 from North
America and 1-813-774-5043
from outside North America.
Alternatively, you can view all
of our SEC filings online at
or write to the
Secretary, Schlumberger Limited,
5599 San Felipe, 17th Floor,
Houston, Texas 77056.
Email Alerts
To receive Schlumberger press
releases, headlines, and daily
industry news headlines, register
Duplicate Mailings
When a stockholder owns shares
in more than one account, or
when stockholders live at the
same address, duplicate mailings
may result. If you receive
duplicate reports, you can help
eliminate the added expense by
requesting that only one copy be
sent. To eliminate duplicate
mailings, contact Computershare
Trust Company, N.A., Stock
Transfer Agent and Registrar.
World Wide Web
For information on Schlumberger
technology, services and solutions
and the latest industry news, visit
For more information on careers
and job opportunities at
Schlumberger, visit
Non-Profit Community
Development Programs
Schlumberger supports and
encourages a range of community
development programs—both
global and local—which are
often initiated and implemented
by employees. We have chosen
to focus on education and social
development. To learn more
about these programs, please
* Mark of Schlumberger
Photography by John Amedick (front cover),
John Borowski (pages 4–5, 10), Philippe Charliat
(page 12, back cover), Ken Childress (pages 6, 8,
13, 14, 15), Ramon Fernandez Reyes (page 3),
Paul Swen (page 9), Publius Vergilius (page 16),
and Schlumberger archives.
Back Cover
On August 27, 2010,
Schlumberger completed the
acquisition of Smith International.
The companies’ complementary
products and services will
lead to the development of
engineered drilling systems
to enable a step change in
drilling performance.
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