Schlumberger 2010 Annual Report - page 23

Multiclient Services – supplies high-quality seismic data from the multiclient library, including industry-
leading Q technology data.
Reservoir Services – provides people, tools and technology to help customers capture the benefits of a
completely integrated approach to locating, defining and monitoring the reservoir.
Data Processing – offers extensive seismic data processing centers for complex data processing projects.
Electromagnetics – provides controlled-source electromagnetic and magneto-telluric data processing and
is the leading supplier of drilling fluid systems engineered to improve drilling performance by anticipating
fluids-related problems, fluid systems and specialty tools designed to optimize wellbore productivity, production
technology solution to maximize production rates, and environmental solutions that safely manage waste volumes
generated in both drilling and production operations. The M-I SWACO solutions offering blends an understanding of
technology, application and service to enable its clients to achieve their project-specific goals. Operationally, these
solutions are delivered through its GeoMarket regions, which are grouped into geographic areas, similar to Schlum-
berger Oilfield Services.
M-I SWACO’s business is organized into four core solutions offerings: Drilling Solutions, Wellbore Productivity,
Production Technologies and Environmental Solutions. These core offerings are organized around the operator’s
exploration and production activities – drilling, completion and production. Environmental Solutions are designed to
include all three of these activities, allowing M-I SWACO to leverage its environmental technologies across all three of
the operator’s exploration and production activities.
Drilling Solutions – provides a complete offering of oil-, water- and synthetic-based drilling fluids and additives
as well as engineering services that include proprietary software systems, knowledge databases and laboratory
Wellbore Productivity – consists of a suite of services, products and technical support that focus on
safeguarding well completions and formation stability by assuring the optimal quality of the wellbore and
fluid systems.
Production Technologies – provides a line of oilfield specialty chemical, equipment and related technical
services that are used to enhance the flow of hydrocarbons from the wellbore.
Environmental Solutions – focuses on the best approach to safely managing waste volumes produced during
the drilling, completion and production operations in a way that allows clients to achieve their environmental
performance standards.
Prior to its acquisition of Smith, Schlumberger held a 40% interest in M-I SWACO through a joint venture with Smith.
Smith Oilfield
provides a comprehensive suite of technologically advanced products, services and engineering used in
oil and natural gas development activities. Smith Oilfield is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of
drill bits and borehole enlargement tools and is also a leading supplier of drilling tools and services, tubular, completion
services and other related downhole solutions. Smith Oilfield also leverages its proprietary suite of modeling and design
software and application data together with its comprehensive product and service offerings to optimize the creation of
the wellbore.
operations provide products and services to the energy refining, petrochemical, power generation and
mining industries. The segment consists of the operations of Wilson International, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, and a
majority owned interest in C.E. Franklin Ltd., a publicly owned Canadian distribution company. Distribution operates an
extensive network of supply branches, service centers and sales offices through which it markets pipes, valves and
fittings as well as mill, safety and other maintenance products, predominantly in the United States and Canada.
Additionally, the Distribution segment provides warehouse management, vendor integration and various inventory
management services.
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