Schlumberger 2010 Annual Report - page 81

actions may be filed in the future. Based on information currently known, the amount of any potential loss attributable to
M-I SWACO with respect to potential liabilities related to the incident would not be material to Schlumberger’s
consolidated financial position.
Schlumberger and its subsidiaries are party to various other legal proceedings from time to time. A liability is accrued
when a loss is both probable and can be reasonably estimated. Management believes that the probability of a material
loss is remote and, as such, that any liability that might ensue would not be material in relation to Schlumberger’s
consolidated financial position. However, litigation is inherently uncertain and it is not possible to predict the ultimate
disposition of these proceedings.
17. Segment Information
Schlumberger operates five business segments as of December 31, 2010: Oilfield Services, WesternGeco, M-I SWACO,
Smith Oilfield and Distribution.
The Oilfield Services segment falls into four clearly defined economic and geographical areas and is evaluated on the
following basis: North America, Latin America, Europe including the CIS and Africa, and Middle East & Asia. The Oilfield
Services segment provides virtually all exploration and production services required during the life of an oil and gas
WesternGeco provides comprehensive worldwide reservoir imaging, monitoring and development services with
extensive seismic crews and data processing centers, as well as a large multiclient seismic library. Services range from
3D and time-lapse (4D) seismic surveys to multi-component surveys for delineating prospects and reservoir
M-I SWACO is a leading supplier of drilling fluid systems engineered to improve wellbore quality and increase drilling
performance. It also offers a broad range of waste management equipment and services, provides completion fluid and
related tools and supplies oilfield production chemicals.
The Smith Oilfield segment provides a comprehensive suite of premium products and services used in oil and natural
gas development activities. It is comprised of drilling and completion services operations, which include drill bits,
directional drilling services and downhole tools.
Distribution consists of the Wilson International Inc. distribution operations and a majority-owned interest in CE
Franklin Ltd., a publicly traded Canadian distribution company. It provides products and services to the energy, refining,
petrochemical, power generation and mining industries.
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