Schlumberger 2011 Annual Report - page 22

Tools & Remedial, Dynamic Pressure Management and Integrated Project Management well construction projects.
Bits & Advanced Technologies designs,
manufactures and markets roller cone and fixed cutter drill bits for
all environments. The drill bits include designs for premium market segments where faster penetration rates
and increased footage provide significant economic benefits in lowering overall well costs. The technologies
leverage proprietary modeling and simulation software for the design of application-specific bits and cutting
is the leading supplier of drilling fluid systems engineered to improve drilling performance by
anticipating fluids-related problems, fluid systems and specialty equipment designed to optimize wellbore
productivity and production technology solutions formulated to maximize production rates. The Technology
also includes environmental solutions that safely manage waste volumes generated in both drilling and
production operations.
supplies mud logging services for geological and drilling surveillance.
Drilling & Measurements
supply engineering support, directional-drilling, measurement-
while-drilling and logging-while-drilling services for all well profiles.
Drilling Tools & Remedial
provides a wide variety of bottom hole assembly drilling tools, borehole
enlargement technologies and impact tools, as well as a comprehensive collection of tubulars and tubular
services for oil and gas drilling operations.
Dynamic Pressure Management
consolidates managed pressure drilling and underbalanced drilling into a
single provider of engineered solutions for pressure drilling services.
Reservoir Production Group
– Consists of the principal Technologies involved in the lifetime production of oil and
gas reservoirs and includes Well Services, Completions, Artificial Lift and Well Intervention, Subsea, Water Services,
Carbon Services and Schlumberger Production Management field production projects.
Well Services
provides services used during oil and gas well drilling and completion as well as those used to
maintain optimal production throughout the life of a well. The services include pressure pumping, well
cementing and stimulation operations as well as intervention activities.
supplies well completion services and equipment that include packers, safety valves, sand
control technology as well as a range of intelligent well completions technology and equipment.
Artificial Lift
provides production equipment and optimization services using electrical submersible pumps
and gas lift equipment, as well as surface horizontal pumping systems.
Well Intervention
develops coiled tubing equipment and services and provides slickline services for downhole
mechanical well intervention, reservoir monitoring and downhole data acquisition.
offers solutions that are designed to improve reservoir recovery, optimize production and maximize
production uptime of subsea assets.
Water Services
specializes in the development, management and environmental protection of water
Carbon Services
provides comprehensive geological storage solutions including storage site characterization
for carbon dioxide.
Schlumberger Oilfield Services also offers customers its services through business models known as Integrated
Project Management (for well construction projects) and Schlumberger Production Management (for field production
projects). These models combine the required services and products of the Technologies with both drilling rig
management expertise and project management skills to provide a complete solution to well construction and
production improvement. Projects are typically of multi-year duration and include start-up costs and significant third-
party components which cover services that Schlumberger does not provide directly. Projects may be fixed price in
nature, contain penalties for non-performance and may also offer opportunities for bonus payments where
performance exceeds agreed targets. Integrated Project Management and Schlumberger Production Management also
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