Schlumberger 2011 Annual Report - page 9

From Exploration to Appraisal
The Schlumberger Reservoir
Characterization Group com-
prises five industry-leading tech-
nology product lines that unify
many viewpoints into the vision of
the exploration process. These
include WesternGeco, which pro-
vides comprehensive subsurface
imaging services with the most
technically advanced seismic
acquisition equipment and data
processing centers in the industry;
Schlumberger Wireline, providing
data critical to characterizing
potential reservoir rocks and
fluids; Testing Services,
supplying exploration and pro-
duction pressure and flow-rate
measurement services;
Schlumberger Information
Solutions, providing software that
supports core oil and gas industry
operational processes; and Data
& Consulting Services, supplying
interpretation and integration of
all exploration and production
data types in addition to expert
consulting services.
From Seismic to Testing
Above, WesternGeco fit-for-purpose
vehicles for land seismic operations are
shown here in the United Arab Emirates.
Below, Quality Operations Support Manager
Mahendra Kunju checks a Vx* multiphase
meter. Vx technology measures complex
fluid mixtures of gas, oil, and water with
minimal environmental impact.
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