Schlumberger 2012 Annual Report - page 48

The following illustrates the sensitivity to changes in certain assumptions, holding all other assumptions constant,
for Schlumberger’s United States postretirement medical plans:
(Stated in millions)
Change in Assumption
Effect on 2012
Pretax Postretirement
Medical Expense
Effect on
Dec. 31, 2012
25 basis point decrease in discount rate
+ $5
25 basis point increase in discount rate
- $4
- $52
100 basis point decrease per annum in medical cost trend rate
- $14
100 basis point increase per annum in medical cost trend rate
Investments in Affiliated Companies
Investments in Affiliated Companies
on the consolidated balance sheet primarily reflects Schlumberger’s
investments in privately held companies, some of which are in the startup or development stages and are often still
defining their strategic direction. Such investments are inherently risky and their success is dependent on factors such
as technology development, market acceptance and their ability to raise additional funds. The technology being
developed by these companies may never materialize and they could fail. Schlumberger monitors its portfolio to
determine if any investment is other-than-temporarily impaired. If an investment is considered to be other-than-
temporarily impaired, it is written down to its fair value.
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