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Schlumberger technologies enhance oilfield efficiency by enabling our customers to drill faster with better accuracy while lowering environmental impact—reducing unplanned releases of oil and other fluids, optimizing water use in the field, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Performance

Schlumberger is committed to responsible stewardship of the world in which we live. We strive to meet international environmental standards and regulations and to exceed customer expectations by managing risk, preventing pollution, minimizing waste and natural resource consumption, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Technology Advantage

Schlumberger technologies help our customers decrease emissions, save energy, and reduce resources throughout each phase of the oil and gas exploration and production process. A global network of research and engineering (R&E) centers support our Reservoir Characterization, Drilling, Production, and Cameron Groups. Advanced technology programs within each of these Groups help our customers enhance oilfield efficiency, lower finding and producing costs, improve productivity, and maximize reserve recovery, all of which contribute to lowering their impact on the environment.

Employee Engagement:
Workplace Solutions

Schlumberger encourages its employees to become involved in a wide range of workplace initiatives and volunteer for community projects that reduce environmental impact and help build local capacity. Schlumberger employees championed multiple strategies to improve internal efficiency through innovative programs. Other employee-driven programs to reduce energy consumption are helping the Company achieve substantial financial and environmental savings.

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