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We are involved in a wide variety of programs worldwide, many of which are coordinated by employees who volunteer their time and expertise to assist others at the local level. As the following examples demonstrate, Schlumberger participates in many types of community initiatives.



Finding Value in Scrap Metal

In a world of disposable items, a team of Artificial Lift employees in Nisku, Alberta, determined that their shop’s scrap metal might have a higher value than previously thought. This facility uses a variety of metals in many applications. Over the years, the more valuable scrap metals have been separated from the waste stream. For example, shafts made of Monel® and Inconel® are separated for scrap value. As technologies have changed, the shop has captured more of the valuable scrap, such as tungsten carbide.

Equipment redesign saves costs

The calibration lab supervisor and engineering team in the Schlumberger Subsea Test Facility in Houma, Louisiana, created a substantial cost savings through equipment design. Their modification to wiring harnesses on hydraulic power units and master control equipment reduced costly man-hours and saved $300,000.


PhD Student wins Schlumberger Information Solution (SIS) Global Student Award – October Obinna Chudi, a PhD student at the Heriot-Watt University Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE), won the prestigious Schlumberger global student competition for his abstract on reservoir modelling and analysis. Chudi presented his research at the SIS Global Forum in April 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.

Autumn Clean-up Project

Employees working in Romania organized an autumn project to clean well sites as a local environmental initiative. Working with the local management team, Schlumberger volunteers were provided with maps of the well locations, plastic bags, and proper protective gear. The project was viewed as a great opportunity for team bonding, socializing with the local community, and contributing to the environment.


Coiled Tubing Integrity Technology

Coiled tubing (CT) has evolved from a specialized tool with limited application to one that is now used widely throughout the upstream industry. Most recently, the role of CT has been expanded by operators who deploy it as a reliable method for drilling and stimulating the long horizontal wells required to optimize unconventional resources.


Training the Next Generation

Technology and knowledge sharing are at the center of Schlumberger. As part of an ongoing commitment to leading-edge training, Schlumberger has partnered with Oil & Gas Skills (OGS) in Egypt to establish an oil and gas industry training institute.

Global Road Safety

Because Schlumberger employees and third-party contractors drive millions of miles per month on every terrain and in every condition imaginable in more than 85 countries, the company takes a serious approach to driving safety. Schlumberger is an acknowledged leader within the industry in managing driving safety risks, and its global driving program helps manage these risks through technology, journey management centers and ongoing training.

IPAA Students travel to San Antonio

Students participated in the sixth annual International Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) externship with Schlumberger in San Antonio, Texas in August. The Externship Training Program provided the future workforce with a closer look at the geology, geophysics, and engineering careers offered by Schlumberger.

Road Safety Campaign

In conjunction with the United Nations Road Safety initiative Schlumberger launched a driving safety awareness campaign based on the theme children and road safety. The interactive sessions focused on distracted driving as well as on children and road safety. Material developed for employees and their spouses encouraged attendees to review previous Schlumberger driving programs and to think about the kind of driver they are, along with the potential consequences of an accident on their lives and families.


Three Countries, One Project

A collaborative project sponsored by Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development (SEED) tested water sources and compared results at three schools in three countries – England, Russia and Nigeria. The students “met” first in a videoconference where they exchanged culture-related questions ranging from famous city sites to favorite foods and sports. Then they tested water samples for dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, and pH. The students found that their tap water was similar in quality but that it was not necessarily drinking water. They surmised that if they tested for bacteria they might learn whether the tap water was actually safe to drink.


2015 Newsweek Green Rankings

Schlumberger ranked fourth of 55 companies in the Energy Sector and 119 out of 500 companies overall in the annual Newsweek Green Rankings, which were released in June.

Celebrating World Environment Day

World Environment Day on June 5 is celebrated throughout Schlumberger. Designed to raise awareness and encourage people to take positive environmental action, the 2015 event saw Schlumberger volunteers in Australia collect 86 large bags of trash from local roads and beaches. In the Republic of the Congo, employees gathered to watch presentations on environmental concepts and standards. Tree planting was organized in Cameroon, and over 100 plants were donated to the Bonantone Youth Association. At Schlumberger locations in Tunisia, our employees helped to clean, segregate waste, paint, and plant green vegetation. Schlumberger North Africa also recognized World Environment Day with a series of activities including waste collection and removal, improving oil storage, and removal of junk and obsolete equipment. Empty oil drums were painted and re-used as plant pots, and using junked materials the team even put a “green print” on a wall to reinforce their commitment to reducing environmental impacts.

SEMS Certification

The Center for Offshore Safety (COS) announced that Schlumberger is the first service/supply contractor to achieve the voluntary COS member certification for its safety and environmental management systems (SEMS).


Neighborhood Clean-up

Schlumberger employees, contractors, customers, and their families joined forces to clean part of a popular neighborhood in Venezuela. The volunteers collected more than 100 bags of trash and raised community awareness about environmental stewardship in the city.

Amazon Reforestation

A rainforest surrounding our oilfield activity in Ecuador became a little greener thanks to the efforts of a Schlumberger company. An area previously used as a cutting disposal facility was restored and planted with more than 10,000 native plants. The job included levelling the surrounding area to maximize drainage; building up the reforested area to prevent excessive erosion and soil degradation; deposition of fertilizer; planting local plants and trees; and the selection of a local contractor to carry out the work. Through these efforts, a small part of the rainforest in Ecuador has been restored to harmony and balance.


A Festival held in France gave students in the Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development (SEED) program an opportunity to learn science, mathematics and engineering by using cutting-edge fabrication and prototyping equipment along with robotics, scientific instrumentation, and computer modeling. The program is a ground-breaking educational project that provides "learning while doing" activities in a high-tech environment.

Road Safety Show

Schlumberger participated in a Road Safety Show in Malaysia. In addition to staffing a booth showcasing road safety awareness for the family, a team of Schlumberger volunteers organized two HSE for Youth workshops for students to learn about road safety. The workshops focused on risk awareness on the road and inside vehicles when adults are driving. As one example, the children learned to remind adults to avoid becoming distracted with mobile phones while driving.


Environmental Awareness Hour

Schlumberger employees in Libya began holding a monthly hour of housekeeping for environmental awareness. The program includes a theoretical component with basic Schlumberger environmental protection training along with a practical section aimed at conserving natural resources and mitigating negative environmental impacts. The practical section resulted in 15 bags of waste collected from the base.

World Malaria Day

Every year the global community convenes to commemorate World Malaria Day, which was established by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an occasion to highlight the need for continued awareness and commitment for malaria prevention. Malaria is a significant health issue for Schlumberger, a company that operates in 85 countries, many of them in malarial zones. In addition to promoting malaria prevention among its employees, Schlumberger organizes awareness-raising workshops for young people in malarial countries through the company’s educational outreach programs.


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