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Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development

Learning Opportunities for School Children

Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development (SEED) is an educational program focusing on communities where Schlumberger people live and work. Through SEED, Schlumberger engages employees, educators, retirees, and volunteers around the world to share their passion for learning and science with students. A hands on program that relies on the scientific and technological expertise of our employee volunteers, SEED focuses on STEM topics through camps, teacher professional development, workshops, and classroom visits. The SEED educational program is focused on robotics, computer science, and energy education.


SEED sponsors schools through an introduction to robotics, construction of robots, programming via RobotC, and competitive challenges. Competitions enable students to compete in building robots while clubs, such as Schlumberger sponsored robotics clubs, help students learn about robotic programming. In addition, students learn about Schlumberger Robotics Services that is building an ocean sensor network intended to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges and gain valuable insights into the marine environment.

Computer Science

SEED introduces students to computer-based programing and coding. We sponsor SEED workshops and Schlumberger coding clubs, and we introduce programming to students as early as the second grade with an MIT-based platform called SCRATCH. To encourage more students to take an interest in computer science, we also donate resources related to our Petrel E&P software platform to high schools and universities around the world. Schlumberger has partnered with, Microsoft TEALS, the Computer Science Teacher Association, and local educational systems to support the professional development of teachers in computer science education.

Energy Education

We have formed partnerships with the American Geosciences Institute, Society of Petroleum Engineers, National Energy Education Development, and the Offshore Energy Center to develop workshops and educational programs that help students and teachers understand the highly technical skillset needed to work in the energy industry. For the past seven years, we have partnered with the Independent Petroleum Association of America to provide internships designed to introduce high school students to the energy industry.

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