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Technology Advantage

Schlumberger technologies bring value by helping our customers optimize oil and gas production, use fewer resources, improve efficiencies, reduce emissions, and minimize water use. Our technologies and processes also address sustainability issues by meeting or exceeding challenging international regulatory requirements and by addressing the growing expectations of society for cleaner services and products.

Our customers are increasingly focused on reducing their own environmental impact. The examples that follow show how we are helping them achieve this objective with optimized drilling techniques and completion strategies, technologically advanced safety equipment, innovative chemistries with reduced health and environmental risks, and more efficient and accurate monitoring and control systems to ensure well integrity.

To find particular technologies of interest, please check one or more of the boxes under "Phase of a Well’s Life" along with one or more of the boxes under "Sustainable Impact". To see all of the technologies listed, check “All" in both categories. At the bottom of each listed technology, the "Read More" button will take you to more detailed information.



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