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A Personal Note

President and
Chief Executive Officer

Few people could have predicted the staffing industry would grow as rapidly as it has in the last half century. When William Russell Kelly founded our company in 1946 he did so as a pioneer, a visionary and a man of integrity.

It was his dedication to his customers that helped launch this new industry. A dedication to quality and customer satisfaction that never wavered. His commitment to his temporary employees was equally strong. That also played a key role in the success of his new company.

That one office in Detroit, today has grown to over 1,500 offices worldwide. Kelly employees, at one time mainly secretaries and typists, now include computer programmers, attorneys, accountants, engineers and scientists.

"I just want to be remembered as a pioneer," is what Russ said in recent years when he was asked about his legacy. Russ got his wish. When he died on January 3, 1998 reports of his death were covered around the world.

Tributes on radio, television and in newspapers were given to this man who gave so much to so many past, and present, employees. A special tribute to Russ is that there are over 12 million people who have worked for Kelly Services in the past 51 years.

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that family and friends carry forward their remembrances of Russ. Keeping with the nature of the man, we celebrate his life and continue with pride his life's work.