Expanding our reach.

The retail environment has changed dramatically since the early days of JAKKS Pacific. While we were disheartened to see a number of our retail partners so negatively affected by a downturn in our economy and shift in buying patterns, we continued to forge ahead and worked to position ourselves as a major vendor to retailers ranging from mass marketers and drug stores to club stores. In addition, we have leveraged our products, and worked diligently and strategically to considerably expand the number of channels we sell to—thereby decentralizing product offerings from the giant retailers to a wider range of channels.

Our kites and Funnoodle® pool products are sold to more than 5,000 mass and specialty retailers nationwide; TV Games are sold everywhere from Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us, Target and Kohl’s to Urban Outfitters, Best Buy, GameStop and Saks Fifth Avenue; we are the private label manufacturers for specialty retailers and office superstores; our Child Guidance® pre-school products are found at Radio Shack stores nationwide; toys based on our blockbuster licenses are available at major mass merchant retailers, and also at Blockbuster and Virgin Record Stores, to name a few. Through diversification of our product lines as well as acquisitions, we’ve widened our reach significantly, and we’re committed to continue this growth and expansion around the world.