Printable Reports to Shareholders

Your company offers a series of shareholder communications to keep you informed. Past publications are available below. Each piece was accurate at the time
it was posted.

You can also request a complete set of printed shareholder materials by contacting Shareholder Services.

Annual and Quarterly Reports to Shareholders – Print All (4260 KB)

2009 Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Letter to Shareholders (512 KB .pdf)

This message from our chairman and our president includes recent news releases about financial results announced February 4 and actions taken by the board of directors at its January 29 meeting. The Cincinnati Experience, a profile of our operating philosophy, accompanies this letter.

2009 Annual Report on Form 10-K (2400 KB .pdf)

The Annual Report on Form 10-K is a detailed document published by every publicly traded company as required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In our report, we describe your company's operations, its results and trends, along with supporting data, discussions, audited financial statements and accompanying notes.

2009 Shareholder Meeting Notice and Proxy Statement (400 KB .pdf)

This statement informs you of items requiring shareholder action at the 2009 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on May 3, 2009. It identifies board members, detailing director and executive officer compensation and board activities. Notice cards, mailed in March, tell how to easily obtain the Proxy Statement and vote.

Letter from the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer (1000 KB .pdf)

Accompanying the Proxy Statement are the 2009 condensed balance sheets and income statements, six years of financial data and an annual message from our chairman and our president. Their letter presents management's perspectives on your company's 2009 performance and trends that may affect performance in 2010 and beyond.

Second-quarter 2009 Letter to Shareholders (600 KB .pdf)

This executive perspective includes our July 28 news release with financial results. For additional details, see our Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q, filed with the SEC by July 29, 2010.