Building Deeper Customer Relationships

U.S. Bank believes the best way to serve its customers is to know them, know their business, understand their goals and anticipate their needs. We become full financial partners and develop long-term relationships.

At U.S. Bank, we view every transaction as an opportunity to build deeper relationships with our customers. We do not pressure customers. Instead, we listen, we learn and try to understand every customer better in order to see how we might be a better bank for them.

Our customers’ goals are our goals

U.S. Bankers are knowledgeable, responsive and thorough. They live our mission statement: We put the power of US to work for you. Whether it’s through personal contact on a business call, across the teller line, on the telephone or even online, our goal is to let customers and prospects know that we have their financial goals in mind. And that we have the products and services — and especially the customer service — that can help achieve those goals.

Sometimes a single employee or product can be the right answer, but more often, it takes the collaboration and teamwork of financial professionals across many areas of the bank working together to make sure the customer gets the best we have to offer. Sometimes the answers are simple, but more often, our customers depend on our regional, national and global capabilities and our expertise in specialized fields to see the big picture and to bring to the table sophisticated solutions to complex questions.

Working together to build deeper, better relationships

We have developed new, more comprehensive reporting and tracking programs that let our bankers across all lines of business understand a customer’s full relationship so that more advantageous recommendations and innovative solutions can be presented.

We have launched new incentive plans that encourage and reward our bankers working together across businesses, across departments, across our customer base and across the country, to be the bank of choice for every customer.

On the next page, you will read just a few examples of how U.S. Bank builds deeper relationships that last for years.

From private company to worldwide health corporation with U.S. Bank

Cerner Corporation, headquartered in Kansas City, is the leading U.S. supplier of healthcare information technology products with clients worldwide. Their expertise strengthens clinical practice and helps solve healthcare’s challenges. Cerner has been a customer since 1983, when they were still a private company. Cerner has grown tremendously since then. Our expanding capabilities have allowed us to continue to serve Cerner’s demanding financial needs, including credit, treasury management, equipment finance, foreign exchange and syndication and private debt placement services.

Healthcare Payment Management and more

BJC Healthcare of St. Louis is one of the largest non-profit healthcare organizations in the country and a customer of ours since the mid 80s. Our relationship has grown with BJC’s evolution from disparate stand-alone hospitals into an integrated health system. We have brought the services and expertise of many lines of business from commercial lending to treasury management to consumer banking to payment services to benefit BJC. In support of BJC's goal to improve its revenue cycle, we recently implemented Healthcare Payment Management™, a web-based tool for collection of patient payments at the point-of-care. We also operate a retail branch on-site location in BJC’s Siteman Cancer Center.

Building relationships help build companies

We’ve built our relationship with United Properties, one of the nation’s premier real estate services and development companies into a solid financial partnership that incorporates multiple operating accounts, a multi-million dollar operating line of credit, construction financing, treasury management, corporate card, ATMs, capital market products and investment services. We could not be prouder that our financing expertise, capabilities and customer service have provided this diversified real estate company, with 550 employees and 26 million square feet of industrial, office and retail assets management, with the tools they need to grow.