Note B: Cash and Cash Equivalents and Short-term Marketable Securities

The company considers all investments with an original maturity of three months or less on their acquisition date to be cash equivalents. The company classifies investments with an original maturity of more than three months on their acquisition date as short-term marketable securities. The company's cash and cash equivalents and short-term marketable securities at October 28, 2000, and October 30, 1999, consisted of the following (cost approximates fair value):

                                  October 28, 2000         October 30, 1999   
                                     Cash  Short-term         Cash  Short-term
                                 and Cash  Marketable     and Cash  Marketable
(In Thousands)                Equivalents  Securities  Equivalents  Securities

Held-to-maturity securities:
  Commercial paper                             $5,964     $ 25,339     $54,256
  Municipal securities           $  5,521                   38,151         996
  Preferred securities                                          33,642       5,000
  Taxable securities                                             3,702
Cash                               95,125                   87,476            
Total                            $100,646      $5,964     $188,310     $60,252