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Cal Dive International (CDI), is a leading subsea contractor providing construction, maintenance and decommissioning services from the shallowest to the deepest waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Over three decades, Cal Dive has developed a reputation for innovation which has kept the company on the leading edge of underwater technological developments.

Cal Dive has positioned for the new Deepwater frontier by assembling a technically advanced fleet of dynamically positioned vessels. These vessels serve as work platforms for the services provided by CDI and alliances with a team of internationally recognized contractors and manufacturers. Key among these is the strategic alliance with Coflexip, a world leader serving the Deepwater market.

The entrepreneurial drive of CDI employees has enabled the company to excel in the Gulf spot market on the Outer Continental Shelf, one that is unique among world offshore provinces. The scheduling flexibility afforded by the CDI fleet enables the company to offer turnkey pricing while assuring customers of on-time project performance. Since 1984, when the company custom designed the first Gulf DSV with a moonpool deployed saturation diving system, CDI has been a major provider of saturation diving services to the "mid-water" Gulf (300 to 1,000 fsw). In 1998 the company expanded its capacity in the shallow water diving market from the shore to 300 fsw through an ownership position in Aquatica, Inc.

Cal Dive has also established a leading position in the salvage market by offering customers a number of options to address decommissioning obligations in the most cost efficient manner. An alliance with Horizon Offshore significantly expanded the derrick barge and heavy lift capacity of the assets employed in the company's salvage activities. In addition, Energy Resource Technology, Inc. (ERT), a wholly owned subsidiary, acquires mature offshore properties and assumes the obligation to decommission the field in full compliance with all regulatory requirements, relieving the customer of this obligation entirely.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, CDI is publicly traded on Nasdaq under the symbol CDIS.

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