Today: The nearly 7,000 associates of ScottsMiracle-Gro have embraced our GroExcellence culture and are responding to the call to action to Gro, Excel & Win. Associates are striving to embody the attributes we defined as critical to our success and aligning their goals with our strategies to grow the core business and extend our reach within the global lawn and garden industry.

Tomorrow: ScottsMiracle-Gro is creating an even more engaging workplace where associates have greater roles in driving our future. Less bureaucracy and more accountability will increasingly empower associates in their jobs and help ensure our continued success.




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The strategy:   Leverage our high-performance culture to Gro, Excel & Win

Creating an enduring franchise requires an organizational culture that is built upon a clear strategy and focused on winning. At ScottsMiracle-Gro, we broadly communicate our vision, ambitions and plans and continue to ensure that associates understand the critical role they play in helping achieve the Company’s goals. We know that our continued success is tied directly to the hard work and dedication of each of our associates.

Our results in fiscal 2005 – which came in the face of rising commodity costs, a late start to the season and higher-than-expected corporate expenses – are a direct testament to our team. By working together and focusing on winning, we overcame these challenges and reported another year of record results.

As we look ahead to achieving another winning season, we will continue to strengthen our culture to increase our business performance. In Scotts LawnService, for example, where customer retention is a critical measure of success, the organization is instilling a “Service Excellence” approach from the top down to improve customer satisfaction and keep customers coming back season after season.

We are making changes in our organizational structure to allow more associates than ever before to directly impact the success of our business. This is evident in the North America business unit, where a new organizational design for our Business Development Teams is providing much more integrated services to help our retail partners grow their lawn and garden categories.


The ScottsMiracle-Gro culture not only produces business results but also improves the well-being of our associates. In 2005, we launched our LiveTotal Health initiative that will help associates take responsibility for their health through an array of Company-provided benefits, education and resources. Among the resources is a comprehensive Wellness Center on our headquarters’ campus, consisting of medical, fitness and pharmaceutical services. Second to none, this Wellness Center embodies ScottsMiracle-Gro’s holistic approach and significant commitment to improve associates’ quality of life while managing the Company’s health costs for the long-term.

The few companies that have succeeded in creating an enduring franchise have done so by creating a world-class team of associates. That’s exactly why – through our high-performance culture, investment in wellness and talented associates – we’re confident we will succeed in reaching our goal.


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