Remembering our friend and founder
The Goal: Build an enduring franchise
Our strategy is clearly articulated with three simple words – Gro, Excel, Win. And by successfully executing our plans we strive to build what only the world’s greatest companies enjoy – an enduring franchise.

We will Gro by …

  • Focusing on our core business
  • Extending our reach into new markets
  • Providing products for garden-inspired lifestyles
  • Using knowledge about consumers to better serve their needs

We will Excel by …

  • Developing a high-performance culture
  • Driving innovation in all areas
  • Forging stronger relationships with our retail partners
  • Strengthening our infrastructure
  • Demonstrating corporate responsibility

We will Win by …

  • Creating a dynamic, productive workplace
  • Increasing our market share
  • Enhancing shareholder value
  • Making a positive difference in our communities
Succeeding against each of these objectives will allow us to drive consumers to our brands no matter where or how they shop. It will enable us to play an even more important role in the success of our retail partners. And it will help us continue to expand the overall lawn and garden market and capture the majority of that growth.