Search Tips
Advanced Search Techniques
Word Searches: You may enter a single word, multiple words, phrases, or use Boolean operators to help you find special language. Word searches may be used in conjunction with any other search criteria on the search page. Word searches may also be alerts.

Boolean Operators

Grouping - ( ) Parenthesis: (x or y) and z

ex. (Agreement or Plan) and Stock
Rule: The parenthesis denotes a group. A group will be processed before any other attached expression. The results of the group will then be processed with the exterior expression

Inclusions - AND operator: 'x' and 'y'

ex. Oil AND Gas = oil+gas
Rule: The AND operator will search for both occurrences of 'x' and 'y' in each entire filing. This will not assure close proximity, but will assure that both words occurred in the document returned at least once.

Exclusions - NOT: 'x' not 'y'

ex. William H. Gates NOT Microsoft
The NOT operator will search for the occurrence of 'x' but will reject all filings that also include the word 'y'. In the example above, all filings that mention William H. Gates, excluding those that contain Microsoft, will be displayed


- NEAR (Z): z = number of words X near (Z) Y

ex. Background near (5) merger
ex. Bylaws near (10) exhibit
The NEAR( ) operator will search for all occurrences of 'x' that are within 'z' words either side of 'y'.

- JOIN (Z): z = number of words X join (Z) Y

ex. Bank join (1) America The JOIN ( ) operator will search for all occurrences of 'x' that are within 'z' words AFTER 'y'.

Quotations and Phrases:

ex. "Phase III"
Quotation marks denote a 'close to' case. This would be the same if you were to submit Phase near(1) III. When placing two words within quotes you are telling the 10K Wizard search engine to find the same two words on the same line.

ex. Nokia Cellular Phones
You can also just enter in a brand name or specific phrase without quotations.

Mixing Operators:
You can mix and match operators. Here are a few examples:

ex. "Proved Reserves" and Oil
This would find all the filings that had "Proved Reserves" on the same line and also contained the word "Oil" somewhere within the document.

ex. Oil near(10) tanker not ocean
This would find all the filings that had the word "Oil" within 10 words (above or below) of the word "tanker". It would then scan these results and exclude all documents that contained the word "ocean".