Safe Harbor Statement


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Safe Harbor Statement

Building a Biopharmaceutical Company

Executing to Plan

Significant Presence at 2004 ADA Meeting

Continued Progress on Exenatide

Improving Delivery Exenatide LAR

Robust Product Pipeline

2004 Corporate Goals

Exenatide Clinical Leadership

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Type 2 Diabetes Needs New Treatments

Type 2 Diabetes: The Underlying Defects

Beta-cell Defect

Exenatide Targets Beta Cells

Exenatide Restored First Phase Insulin

Exenatide in Clinical Practice

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Exenatide Pivotal Studies

Exenatide Pivotal Studies (AMIGOs)

Consistent Demographics Across AMIGOs

Exenatide Lowered A1C

Exenatide Lowered Fasting Plasma Glucose

Exenatide Improved Postprandial Glucose

Exenatide Lowered Body Weight

Combined AMIGOs: Adverse Events

Combined AMIGOs: Adverse Events

AMIGOs: Summary

Antibody Formation

Exenatide Showed Durable Effect on A1C

Exenatide Showed Durable Effect on Weight

Exenatide: Potential Type 2 Diabetes Therapy

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Author: Amylin Employee