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Photo of JW Marriott, Jr. and Arne Sorenson play movie of Executive Message

What’s in a name? For us, Marriott represents the name of our founders and our CEO of the past 40 years — J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr. But the name Marriott means so much more. It represents the standards of excellence and genuine hospitality that you’ll find in our 3,700 hotels in 73 countries and territories. The name is synonymous with the core values that have propelled our success and innovation for nearly 85 years. Values such as putting people first and serving our world.

Marriott is also about embracing change and investing in the future. In 2011, we welcomed major transitions in our company, as we announced the spin-off of our timeshare business as well as the third CEO in our company’s history. We remain Marriott to our core. And for us, that means being the world’s best hospitality company to our guests, owners and franchisees, shareholders and our associates while remaining true to a purpose that we believe will deliver success: Opening Doors to a World of Opportunity.

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