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Kelly Services Today

More than five decades ago William Russell Kelly's dynamic vision and pioneering spirit established Kelly Services' leadership of the staffing industry. To maintain that leadership, we are continually developing creative solutions to meet our customers' staffing needs. We provide employees who have a wide range of skills. These include:

Office -- We provide employees skilled in the full range of office functions, such as desktop publishing, secretarial, word processing, data entry, receptionist and other office skills.

Accounting and Finance -- We provide financial professionals in areas ranging from accounts payable to tax, and for positions such as financial analyst, accountant and auditor.

Engineering -- Kelly Engineering ResourcesTM provides engineers with a wide range of specialties. These include aeronautical, automotive, chemical, electrical, mechanical, process engineering and others.

Information Technology -- We provide employees with expertise in applications, programming, operations and hardware, for jobs including technician, systems analyst, database administrator and network designer.

Legal -- The Wallace Law Registry® offers lawyers and paralegal professionals for short-term assignments and long-term placement to law firms and large corporations.

Scientific -- Kelly Scientific Resources® provides professionals in scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, geology, biochemistry and physics, for jobs ranging from lab technician to project manager.

Marketing -- Kelly provides personnel for seminars, trade shows, sales promotion, merchandising and telemarketing.

Manufacturing and Distribution -- Customers in the manufacturing and assembly industries look to Kelly for employees qualified in areas such as product assembly, materials handling and facility maintenance.

Assisted Living -- Kelly Assisted Living® Services provides in-home care and companionship to people who need assistance with their daily living activities.

After almost 12 years with the same company, corporate attorney Jim McElyea was "downsized." "I became a full-time job seeker, at the same time set-ting up my own practice. I also decided I would accept temporary assignments that could lead to full-time positions," Jim explained. The Wallace Law Registry was able to find him an assignment immediately. "I sensed a feeling of real loyalty and allegiance from the staff at Wallace, like they really cared if they found me an assignment or not," Jim explained. "I've been on this same assignment for nearly a year now. I know when this assignment is over, the Wallace staff will find me another great opportunity. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the flexible hours that this assignment provides. I structure my own schedule, and I build in time to do the things that I enjoy, such as working at my private practice." - Jim McElyea [ picture ]
[ picture ] Cande Cinader hopes her Kelly assignments will help her find a full-time job where she can put her accounting degree to use. "After spending 10 years working as a secretary to a high school principal, I decided that what I really wanted was to get into the corporate work world," said Cande. "That's why I became a Kelly employee." As a Kelly employee, Cande has the opportunity to work in a variety of corporate settings. "My assignments allow me to work in different functional areas of companies. Eventually, I'm hoping that one of these assignments will turn into a full-time position that allows me to use my degree." - Cande Cinader

Keeping challenged and stimulated is what brought Debbie Trelewicz to Kelly Scientific Resources. "I moved to the Raleigh area because of the concentration of technology companies," said Debbie. Once she moved, though, Debbie had trouble finding jobs that really challenged her professionally. She holds degrees in medical technology and marine biology, and is always seeking to acquire new skills and knowledge. "The jobs I found would initially teach me a new skill, but then there just wasn't enough work to keep me really busy or challenged," Debbie explained. "Then I applied for this assignment through Kelly Scientific Resources, and it has been terrific. Not only am I learning new skills, but I'm busy, challenged and stimulated. This is exactly what I was hoping to find." - Debbie Trelewicz [ picture ]

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