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Kelly Services Today

Innovative Ways We Work With Our Customers

In addition to providing employees with a wide range of skills, we have developed new staff management solutions for our customers that complement our temporary services business.

Vendor On-Site -- Partnered Staffing® offers customers on-site management of their temporary workforce. The Kelly on-site manager serves as an integral part of our customer's human resources management team.

Staff Leasing -- Kelly Staff LeasingTM offers a staffing solution for customers who want to retain operational control of their business, but prefer not to maintain administrative systems for human resources, payroll and workers' compensation.

Outsourcing -- Kelly Management Services®, our outsourcing division, manages our customers' support departments such as mailing and shipping, payroll, accounts payable, records management and reprographics.

Full-time Placement -- KellySelect® is a "temporary to full-time" service that allows customers to evaluate an employee before making a hiring decision.

[ picture ] A chemical engineer, June Lyle wanted a job with flexibility. By becoming a Kelly employee, this mother of two small children was able to continue working and gain the flexibility she desired. "My company needed process engineers, yet they were no longer able to provide me with a part-time position," June explained. "As a process engineer assigned through Kelly, I can continue to work in a position that challenges me and still be able to spend time with my children." - June Lyle

[ picture ] Nellye Friedman accepts marketing assignments from Kelly's Tampa office, "just to keep busy." "I hate housework, and I do not like sitting around. Rather, I'm a very people-oriented person," she explained. "When I met a couple who were working at a convention that I had helped to organize, I asked them who they worked for. They told me, 'Go to Kelly Services and tell them you would like to do marketing assignments.' The rest, as they say, is history." Nellye works an average of two to three days each week for Kelly. The rest of her time is devoted to numerous community activities for which she volunteers. "Kelly keeps me busy and sends me out to do things that I wouldn't get to do otherwise, like taking inventory on used car lots," Nellye explained. "My friends and family like to fuss at me and tell me to slow down, but I can't. Keeping active is what I need to do." - Nellye Friedman

Antonina Saitta was the first temporary employee ever placed by a staffing company in Italy, and it was Kelly Services who placed her. She is currently on a data entry assignment for an export company near Milan. "After my initial dialogue with the Kelly staff, I was very impressed," explained Antonina. "They listened carefully to my expectations. Kelly is providing me with an opportunity to improve my professional background." Antonina, who has a teaching certificate, said she prefers office work over teaching, because it is "more challenging, dynamic, and offers better career opportunities. As I improve my skills, Kelly offers me more challenging assignments." - Antonina Saitta [ picture ]

[ picture ] After graduating in the top ten percent of his junior college class, 24 year-old Jonathan Kim moved from job to job, unsure of what he wanted to do. Then a friend recommended that he take the technical assembly course offered by Kelly Services in Houston, Texas. Upon completing the course, the Kelly office offered him an electronic assembly assignment. "This was definitely what I wanted. I earn better pay and my job is more challenging, as I really like to try to beat the production quotas each day," explained Jonathan. "I was recently named a team leader, which is just great because I enjoy the team I work with. And the Kelly staff has been awesome. They even sent me a birthday card last week." - Jonathan Kim

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