Building Core Brands


A new product that has a "stay
crunchy" attribute when used
in casseroles and salads.

One ubiquitous and growing brand of the company is Hormel chili, the number one canned chili in America with steadily rising sales and dollar category share growth. Hormel chili with beans and Hormel chili no beans flavored with Tabasco brand pepper sauce, introduced in late 1999, contributed to the brand's record volume shipments in fiscal 2000. Cross promotions with other well-known, high-household penetration products, including Velveeta cheese and Nabisco premium crackers, also helped spur top-line growth. Hormel Select chili with beans and Hormel Select chili no beans were introduced in 108-oz. institutional-size cans for the foodservice industry as was Mary Kitchen Select corned beef hash.


The six-item line adds
variety and flavor to
the deli or foodservice
operator's menu.

Cure 81 ham continues to enjoy a preeminent place in the premium ham market. Its position as the preferred choice for special occasions was supported with recipe books that encouraged today's younger generation of cooks to become involved in the food preparation of holiday and family mealtime gettogethers. At the same time, initiatives intended to move ham from a special event meal into a mainstream dinner choice included producing reduced sizes to fit today's smaller families and single-person households as well as offering options such as Cure 81 ham steaks and boneless, spiral sliced Cure 81 ham.

An example of brand-name,
consumer-directed marketing
at its very best.

Two other leadership brands. Dinty Moore stew and Mary Kitchen hash enjoyed market share improvement in their respective categories. A 50 percent reduced fat Mary Kitchen corned beef hash, in its second year in the marketplace, achieved broader distribution and helped increase consumption with light and medium users of hash.

Herb-Ox bouillon moved forward with the successful rollout of three flavored bouillon cubes - spicy chicken, Italian herb and garlic chicken. A new 4-oz. Herb-Ox chicken garlic and herb instant bouillon & seasoning was introduced in granule form. As with the beef and chicken varieties, a new shaker top allows the product to be shaken or spooned onto dishes such as pasta and rice for added flavor.