Additional Marketing Initiatives


Introduced as a marinade
for meat or poultry or for
basting during cooking.

The desire for convenience and new flavors is also impacting the service deli. Responding to consumer preference for new taste alternatives, four new flavored hams were introduced - rosemary, mesquite smoked, citrus and peppered. In the self-service deli case are 14 presliced meats in an exact-weight shingled format. Included are cooked ham, honey ham, Virginia ham, roast turkey, smoked turkey, Genoa salami, hard salami, pepperoni and roast beef, all under the Hormel brand. A new Hormel Black Angus roast beef from Dan's Prize was also launched.

Within foodservice, the Bread Ready line of presliced and preportioned meats for sandwiches continued to show excellent growth because of the convenience and quality control benefits. A Bread Ready prosciutto and Bread Ready capocollo were added in fiscal 2000. Dan's Prize expanded its line of precooked

Vacuum-packed to ensure complete
freshness, four flavors are offered in
an exact-weight 12-oz. package.

meats with two flavors of pot roast, Greek and Italian, a pork butt pot roast and a dark turkey meat pot roast. A fixed-weight sliced prime rib is individually packaged for both retail and foodservice markets.

Jennie-O Foods addressed deli and foodservice operator concerns for labor, food safety, portion control and product handling with a fully cooked and seasoned Jennie-O Cajun split breast. An apple cinnamon turkey breast was added to the Jennie-O Regional Favorites turkey breast line. Jennie-O rotisserie turkey, comprised of boneless and bone-in breast and offered in Cajun and oven roasted flavors, had an extraordinary year. Especially strong volume increases were achieved for Jennie-O presliced meats, such as oven roasted turkey breast, smoked turkey breast, turkey ham and turkey bologna, as foodservice customers turned to more convenient, less

Mediterranean salsa,
red pepper and almond,
kalamata olive and muffaletta
spread products are perfect
with breads, crackers,
salads and pastas.

labor-intensive sandwich preparation.

Heightened marketing efforts by Hormel HealthLabs helped drive record volume for the third consecutive year. Impressive gains were made in the thickened beverage and frozen supplement categories. Internationally, business was very strong with, expansion of Thick & Easy instant food thickeners into South America, eastern Europe and southeast Asia. The Specialty Products Division's line of private label premium puddings, sugar-free gelatin and sugar- and fat-free instant puddings recorded another year of growth. Building upon its reputation as a premier ingredient supplier to the food industry, a new line of sun-dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, dried peppers and roasted red peppers was marketed under the Great Beginnings entree makers brand. A shelf-stable chicken paste was introduced under the well-known Building Blocks concentrated meat stocks brand.

Gourmet America, the company's specialty foods importer, now services over 350 distributors with its diversified portfolio of gourmet products. Included are Italian balsamic vinegars, French mustards, Spanish and Moroccan anchovies, roasted piquillo peppers and artichokes and French truffles and truffle oils. Gourmet America has been part of the Hormel Foods organization since 1990.