Building Volume in China
A Shanghai-style red sausage and a
Supreme smoked turkey drumstick are
new products produced in mainland China.

HFI increased the volume of product sold in China through its Beijing Hormel Foods Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Hormel Foods Co. Ltd. joint ventures. Especially impressive was the growth of foodservice business with Western food and hotel operations. Hormel Canadian bacon, Hormel pepperoni and six other pizza toppings and a bacon- wrapped cocktail sausage kabob were popular items.

Within retail markets, HFI introduced the Always Tender fresh pork and Always Tender flavored pork product lines that have been so successful in the United States. A number of Chinese-style items were developed, including a red sausage, select ham and smoked select ham. New single-serve packaging for Hormel beef and ham hot dogs has added new sales volume to HFI's processed meats business.