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The information required by Item 403 of Regulation S-K is incorporated by reference to the section entitled “Security Ownership of Certain Beneficial Owners and Management” in our Company’s Proxy Statement. The information required by Item 202 of Regulation S-K is set forth below. The table below sets forth certain information as of March 30, 2002 about the Company’s common stock that may be issued upon the exercise of options, warrants and rights under all of our existing equity compensation plans:

  A B C
Plan Category Number of Securities
to be Issued upon
Exercise of
Outstanding Options,
Warrants and Rights
Exercise Price of
Outstanding Options,
Warrants and Rights
Number of Securities Remaining Available
for Future Issuance
under Equity
Compensation Plans
(excluding securities
reflected in Column A)
Equity Compensation Plans Approved by Security Holders
1988 Stock Option Plan 22,480,308 $8.22 0
1997 Stock Plan 33,721,295 $33.75 12,963,535 (2)
Equity Compensation Plans NOT Approved by Security Holders (1)
Supplemental Stock
Option Plan (3)
4,000 $48.36 2,196,000
  1. In November 2000, the Company acquired RocketChips. Under the terms of the merger, the Company assumed all of the stock options previously issued to RocketChips’ employees pursuant to four different stock option plans. A total of approximately 807,000 options were assumed by the Company; of this amount, a total of 561,823 options, with an average weighted exercise price of $14.03, are currently outstanding. All of the options assumed by the Company remain subject to the terms of the RocketChips’ stock option plan under which they were issued. Subsequent to acquiring RocketChips, the Company has not made any grants or awards under any of the RocketChips’ stock option plans and the Company has no intention to do so in the future.

  2. This number does not include additional shares which become available under a formula set forth in the 1997 Stock Plan. That formula provides that on the first day of each fiscal year, an additional number of shares become available for issuance equal to the lesser of 20 million shares or 4% of the number of shares outstanding as of the end of the prior fiscal year, as adjusted with respect to shares repurchased by the Company during the year and as adjusted for splits, stock dividends and certain other changes to the outstanding capital stock of the Company.

  3. Our Supplemental Stock Option Plan, which was not subject to shareholder approval, is intended to help us attract and retain outstanding individuals in order to promote the success of the Company’s business. The plan permits stock options to be granted to employees and consultants of the Company, except that our officers and members of our Board of Directors may not be granted options under the plan. The number of shares that may be issued pursuant to options granted under the plan is 2.2 million, subject to adjustment for stock splits, stock dividends and certain other changes to the outstanding capital stock of the Company. Only nonstatutory stock options may be granted under the plan (that is, options that do not entitle the optionee to special U.S. income tax treatment). The plan is administered by our Board of Directors, or a committee of the Board of Directors, which has broad discretion to set the terms of options (including the number of shares, exercise price, vesting conditions and terms of options), to determine to whom they will be granted, to interpret the plan and the option agreements and to take such other actions and make such other determinations as it determines necessary or advisable in the administration of the plan. Subject to the foregoing, options granted under the plan generally expire not later than 12 months after the optionee ceases to be an employee or consultant. Upon a merger of the Company with or into another company, or the sale of substantially all of the Company’s assets, each option outstanding under the plan may be assumed or substituted with a similar option by the acquiring company, or the outstanding options will become exercisable in connection with the merger or sale. Our Board of Directors is authorized at any time to amend, alter, suspend or terminate the plan, but no such change may impair the rights of any option recipient under the plan without the written consent of the participant and the Company.


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