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A revolution is occurring in drug discovery that has led to a dramatic increase in the need for analysis and purification. This need has been driven by the creation of libraries containing millions of small molecules that are potential candidates for becoming new drugs. HPLC and MS are the primary tools used to make decisions about which compounds to select as potential drug candidates. Our Alliance® HT HPLC System, ZQ Mass Detector, FractionLynx™ Autopurification Systems, LCT™ Mass Spectrometer with MUX Technology,™ XTerra® Prep Columns, and MassLynx™ Mass

Spectrometry Software help chemists to more quickly and accurately pinpoint the compounds most likely to survive the clinical trial process. Our unique ability to create auto-mated systems that link together separations chemistries, separations systems, mass spectrometry and software technologies will continue to position Waters at the forefront of this emerging market.

In the future, scientists and researchers will need to analyze and purify thousands of compounds per day. Scientists are constantly looking for new and better ways to examine the causes of diseases. Waters products are redefining the drug discovery process by setting new standards for speed, sensitivity and accuracy.