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Healthy growth is directly related to the sum of our parts.

Spending on R&D in the life sciences field is at an all-time high, and it’s rising steadily. Waters technologies are critical to all phases of the drug discovery, development and manufacturing processes. In fact, we’re the leading supplier of HPLC and MS tools to the $335 billion and rapidly growing life sciences market, and we work with virtually all of the world’s largest drug companies. During the drug discovery process, our products help these companies to determine which of the thousands of compounds they generate shows the most promise of becoming a new drug.

Once a compound has been selected for development into a potential drug, our technologies are critical in assessing how these candidates can be most effectively and safely delivered to humans. Accurate and thorough documentation of this entire process is critical and requires software, such as our own, for proper submittal of test data to regulatory agencies. Once a drug reaches the post-approval stage, our Alliance HPLC instruments, Symmetry® and XTerra Columns and our Millennium32 Software are essential for analyzing production batches of prescription and non-prescription drug formulations and for maintaining accurate and accessible records of all tests.

*Source: The Pharmaceutical R&D Compendium: CMR International/Scrip’s Complete Guide to Trends in R&D

Waters is the leading supplier of HPLC and MS tools to the life sciences market. Historically, our success has been tied to pharmaceutical research, development and quality control, which has fueled our growth since 1995. Today, approximately 70% of our revenue is derived from the life science industry. As life science spending continues to increase significantly, so will our success.