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GAIA Digital Subsurface Platform

A major challenge when prospecting for oil and gas is sorting through endless data—seismic data, well and production logs, subsurface measurements, documents, and reports—often stored in multiple systems. Data is everywhere.

The GAIA digital subsurface platform accelerates energy discovery by putting all data at the user’s fingertips—anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The platform is open and provides access to structured data—seismic, wells, and production—as well as unstructured content such as news and market reports from multiple content providers across the E&P life cycle.

By using the power of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment to provide a unique user experience, the GAIA platform enables the explorationist to discover, visualize, and interact with all available data in a region or basin without compromising resolution and scale.

The GAIA platform is the industry’s marketplace for subsurface data, such as the WesternGeco® multiclient seismic library and IHS Markit global E&P datasets. Using a unique subscription model, the GAIA platform seamlessly brings together data from diverse sources to accelerate the discovery, screening, and ranking of opportunities.

Three new data subscriptions have been introduced for the GAIA platform. The GAIA Earth subscription enables clients to quickly identify areas of interest using a platform that integrates seismic and well data and the latest industry and licensing round news on a global map.

The GAIA Viz subscription enables further exploration of areas of interest with real-time 3D visualization of subsurface data to better understand geological complexities and reduce risks and uncertainty. With regional knowledge of the structural and stratigraphic complexity, explorationists can identify potential subsurface challenges and collaborate with their asset teams.

Finally, the GAIA Pro subscription makes GAIA subscription data seamlessly available for use in DELFI environment applications and workflows to help determine economic viability, focus new ventures, and develop a better basin-entry strategy in weeks instead of months.

Designed to modern cloud security standards with end-to-end data encryption, the GAIA platform incorporates federated single sign-on and 24/7 monitoring by dedicated cloud security operations centers.