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The E&P industry generates huge volumes of data in field operations. By adding computing power where this data is generated, we can make a performance impact on operations. Edge computing and IoT solutions introduce performance-boosting options, referred to as edge applications, which range from remote operations to full automation of field equipment. These applications are based on domain-specific workflows and algorithms that are aided by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In oil and gas, the edge of the network, or edge, is the field, where the data is generated. Edge applications are used to increase operational performance and reliability. Instead of sending people to the field to check equipment, data streaming from the equipment can alert the operator to problems and possible failure. Through edge applications, an operator can then remotely perform corrective actions, or these actions can be performed via automation. The reduction of unnecessary trips to the field increases safety by reducing exposure as well as lowering environmental impact.

Schlumberger offers dynamic intelligence to the field with edge computing and IoT solutions through its Agora startup venture. Agora is engineering edge solutions for this rapidly developing space while leveraging the full scope of Schlumberger E&P domain knowledge and experience. As the only E&P-specific edge solutions provider, Agora delivers edge intelligence through an open, secure, and scalable platform.

Successful edge solutions for our industry must be open—meaning they are capable of working with field equipment from any manufacturer. Additionally, data generated in the field is transmitted to an open data ecosystem, or to proprietary data ecosystems.

Edge computing for this industry must also be secure—by design and in operation, from the field to the cloud. The Agora edge IoT solutions platform uses best practices to ensure both software and hardware security, which also encompasses data access and transmission.

Finally, because of the complexity of the industry, edge computing and IoT solutions for oil and gas must be scalable. Agora’s robust infrastructure and technology platform is agile, with the ability to independently manage multiple operational use cases while also facilitating edge device management through remote tools and over-the-air updates.

By driving dynamic intelligence to the edge via an open, secure, and scalable edge computing platform, the industry can achieve a significant step forward in operational efficiency and productivity while minimizing safety exposure and overall environmental footprint.