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Oil and gas operators are under constant pressure to increase operational efficiency and asset productivity both on and offshore. Production engineers face challenges to keep wells and fields running safely and efficiently and performing cost effectively. Part of the solution for these challenges is seamless automation across the E&P industry.

Key benefits of automation include operational risk reduction, increased efficiency, and performance optimization to unlock the full potential of an asset. Also, the application of actionable insights from operations data together with automation can help reduce operational and maintenance costs in artificial lift systems from single wells to complex multiwell pads.

However, to achieve a performance impact on production results, measurement, software, and automation must be combined with E&P experience and technical domain expertise.

This is why we formed the Sensia joint venture with Rockwell Automation, creating the most integrated provider of measurement solutions, production domain expertise, and automation to the oil and gas industry.

It offers scalable, cloud and edge-enabled process automation, including information and process safety solutions. From intelligent systems to fully engineered life cycle management automation solutions, the joint venture helps customers drive efficiency gains through measurement and data-driven intelligent automation.

Sensia unifies measurements, intelligence, and actionable insights to optimize decisions and significantly reduce cycle time. Cross-disciplinary teams share access to reservoir knowledge, industrial automation, and best practices from different production settings, process operations, and the transport and measurement of hydrocarbons.

Solutions being deployed by Sensia as firsts in the industry address the oil and gas production market, including advanced monitoring and automated response prioritization for ESPs, automatic control of different artificial lift methods, and automated flow assurance solutions.