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Diverse Portfolio Aligned With
Global Customer Needs

Our portfolio is strong, broad-based and aligned with our customers’ priorities, both in the United States and around the world.

One example of this alignment is in Missile Defense, where the U.S. administration has identified our Standard Missile-3 and X-Band Radar as critical elements in missile defense systems for the United States and its allies. Other countries, too, have confirmed their need for world-class capabilities. In air and missile defense in 2009, Raytheon received Foreign Military Sales contract awards totaling $1.1 billion to fund new production of the combat-proven Patriot Air and Missile Defense System.

We are seeing strong support, domestically and internationally, in another key strategic area: our Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance work, particularly in the classified arena.

In Homeland Security, Raytheon’s engineers meld the world’s finest sensor, command and control and communications systems into innovative Homeland Security technology solutions that protect people on continents around the world. We focus our strengths on some of the world’s most urgent needs in border security, identity management, Cybersecurity, aviation security and critical infrastructure protection. Our team crafts customer requirements into tested and proven solutions to address some of the world’s most compelling needs.

Our training solutions span commercial, civilian government and military, both domestically and worldwide. We are providing training support to every active U.S. soldier through a contract with the U.S. Army, to every Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controller, and to every NASA astronaut. We are seeing increased demand in the international training marketplace, a growth opportunity.

2009 was a year in which the growing importance of Cybersecurity was clear. Raytheon’s Cybersecurity solutions are setting new standards in this emerging marketplace, capabilities that have been enhanced through a series of acquisitions these last few years in insider threat software, vulnerability assessments and information operations, and infrastructure protection, engineering, research and analysis. In 2009, we acquired BBN Technologies, a leader in technology development with expertise spanning speech and language processing, privacy and security systems, networking, data mining, distributed systems and surveillance systems; and in early 2010, Raytheon Australia acquired business assets owned by Compucat Research Pty Ltd to enhance Raytheon’s ability to meet the future information security needs of the Australian intelligence community.

This focus on expanding our portfolio with key technologies and personnel — and integrating acquisitions with our core competencies — has secured our position as a world-leading expert in Cybersecurity products and services. As our world becomes ever more dependent on the electronic systems that support and protect us, our leadership is positioned to provide a strategic benefit for years to come.

As we step back and look at the company’s strategies and capabilities, they are well aligned with our customers’ needs. Our innovative technologies are used across platforms, both new and already in-service, a position that gives us, and our customers, considerable flexibility. We are able to both forward-fit and backward-fit our solutions to enhance our customers’ capabilities. And, we are well positioned to support our customers as their needs evolve today and in the future.

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