• Patriot Radar

    Integrated Defense Systems

    Dan Smith

    Integrated Defense Systems, with 2009 sales of $5.5 billion, is a global integrator of defense systems. It provides innovative and affordable solutions to international and domestic customers through domain expertise, systems integration and superior program management. In 2009, IDS continued its focus on integrated air and missile defense, land and sea-based radars, current and future naval capabilities, advancing future naval combatants and the development of innovative technologies for core and growth opportunities.

  • Cybersecurity

    Intelligence and Information Systems

    Lynn Dugle

    Intelligence and Information Systems, with 2009 sales of $3.2 billion, designs, delivers, secures and supports highly critical intelligence and information system missions throughout the world. IIS serves four key global markets: Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Cybersecurity; environmental; and civil security. IIS provides end-to-end systems to process data at near real-time speed and scale, enabling decision makers across the globe to focus on the most critical threats and opportunities.

  • Centurion™ (Photo courtesy U.S. Army)

    Missile Systems

    Taylor Lawrence

    Missile Systems, with 2009 sales of $5.6 billion, is the world leader in the design, development and production of missile systems for U.S. and allied forces. Through a continued focus on innovation, performance and growth, MS is realizing its vision of becoming the global leader of innovative weapon systems and solutions. In 2009, MS continued its focus on global growth. More than 25 percent of Missile Systems sales are to international customers.

  • Civil Communications Solutions

    Network Centric Systems

    Colin Schottlaender

    Network Centric Systems, with 2009 sales of $4.8 billion, provides networked decision solutions through world-class technology and people. Highlights in 2009 include innovative advances in networked communications and sensing technologies, and further penetration of transportation and security markets around the world. NCS continues to build upon its leadership positions in providing integrated communications, sensing, and command and control solutions for its customers.

  • Responder™

    Space and Airborne Systems

    Jon Jones

    Space and Airborne Systems, with 2009 sales of $4.6 billion, is an international leader in providing air dominance, persistent battle space awareness and space solutions. In 2009, its scalable, adaptable RACR was successfully installed in an F-16, opening new global radar markets; while Common Sensor Payload provides continuous, clear and accurate surveillance for the U.S. Army. To meet the need for affordable, rapidly deployable space sensors, SAS unveiled its Responder™ multimission payload line.

  • Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution (ATCOTS)

    Technical Services

    Rick Yuse

    Technical Services, with 2009 sales of $3.2 billion, provides technical, scientific and professional services for defense, federal and commercial customers worldwide. Key programs include the Federal Aviation Administrationís Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution (ATCOTS) contract, which maintains and improves controller training, and the U.S. Armyís Warfighter Field Operations Customer Support (FOCUS) activities, which train warfighters in 500 locations worldwide.