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Asset Guide

  • Core Styles

    If you don't have branding guidelines, no problem.
    This outlines the core styles we'll need to get started.


    • Format: .svg or .png (with transparent background)
    • Color: Supply a dark logo for use on a light background and vice versa.
    • Dimensions: > 200px wide


    If your colors are visible on a live website, we can inspect them. Otherwise, please supply the hexadecimal or RGB values:

    • Hex: #00adef
    • RGB: 0, 173, 239


    • If using a custom font, please provide all relevant file types:
      • .eot, .ttf, .woff, .woff2, .svg
    • If using a subscription-based web-font:
      • Please add our site URL to your subscription


    Imagery should be provided in high resolution whenever possible.

    • If you have an image library, please provide login credentials
    • Otherwise, stock photography can be purchased from a variety of online vendors, like
    • If needed, our designers can aid with image selection and stage your design with placeholders.

    To learn more about image sizing and specifications for web use, reference our asset guide.

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  • Imagery

    Images should be provided in high resolution when possible. If you don't have imagery to supply, there are many sites where you can purchase stock imagery.

    Recommended image sizes

    Size Width (% of content area) Width (px)
    Thumbnail 20-25% 300
    Small 25%-33% 600
    Medium 33-50% 900
    Large 50-75% 1200
    XL 75-100% 1800
    Banner 100% 1920
    Full Screen 100%x100% 1920x1080

    Aspect Ratio

    The image height depends on the desired aspect ratio. Here are common aspect ratios used on websites:

  • Background Video

    The following criteria will optimize your video for better site performance.

    Format MP4
    Audio None
    Resolution 1080p
    Length ~30-40s loop
    Size ~1-2MB