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We are committed to being a constructive partner in the economic and social environments in which we operate and live.

At A Glance

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Employees in 2018 Compared 252 in 2017

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Women in Professional Positions in 2018 Compared to 24% in 2017

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More Recycled Water Used in 2018, 10.7% of Total Water Used in Completions

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GHG Intensity Down
15% from 2017

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Average Daily Production Volumes up by 65% Compared to 2017

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Notices of Any Non-compliance or Fines for Environmental Performance in 2018

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About this Report

This is the second annual corporate responsibility report for Diamondback Energy, Inc. (“Diamondback”). Except where otherwise noted, the scope of this report comprises all operations (excluding Viper Energy Partners) and includes data through .

To determine the content of the report, we conducted research, peer benchmarking, and conversations with internal stakeholders. The report is informed by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) standards. We consider this document to be an honest summation of our corporate responsibility efforts and are pleased to share it with you.

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Moving forward

We are proud of the company’s accomplishments in 2018, and we intend to carry that momentum forward by continuing our commitment to corporate responsibility throughout Diamondback’s business and our interactions with local communities. Our employees are leading the way through their resolve to live our core values of leadership, integrity, excellence, people, and teamwork.

In the years ahead, we will continue to benchmark our operations against industry peers and strive for continuous improvement. As we enhance our corporate responsibility efforts and increase shareholder value, we look forward to providing periodic updates in future reports that detail both our challenges and successes.