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appropriate use of Reliance’s capital resources andwe intend

to continue to be opportunistic in repurchasing shares of

our common stock going forward. Our Board of Directors

amended our existing share repurchase program in October

2015, increasing our authorization for repurchases by 7.5

million shares and extending the program through the end

of 2018. In addition, we paid cash dividends totaling $1.60

per share in 2015, an increase of 14% over 2014, for a total

of $120 million. We are pleased to report that Reliance has

paid regular quarterly dividends for 56 consecutive years

and that we have increased the dividend 22 times since our

IPO in 1994.

In June, we were honored to have been named the 2015

Service Center of the Year by the American Metal Market

(AMM). We received this award as part of AMM’s Sixth

Annual Awards for Steel Excellence, which recognize the

highest achieving companies across multiple categories,

and we dedicated the award to all of our outstanding

employees whose day to day execution drives our

accomplishments. InNovember, the Los Angeles American

Red Cross presented Reliance as their 2015 Corporate

Hero for our sponsorship of their Service to Armed Forces

program, which supports military members, veterans and

their families. We also continue to be a strong advocate

of Workshops for Warriors, a nonprofit organization that

trains veterans for jobs in the manufacturing sector.

The dedication and efforts of our approximately 14,000

employees allowed us to once again achieve industry

leading results by providing the highest levels of quality

and service to our customers. We would like to thank our

employees for making safety their number one priority. We

would also like to thank our loyal customers, suppliers and

stockholders for their continued support of Reliance. We

are optimistic about the future of our company and remain

committed to enhancing long-term stockholder value.

We would like to take a moment to thank our mentor

and friend, David Hannah, for his 35 years of service to

Reliance and recognize the pivotal role he has played in

making us the Fortune 300 company we are today. We

would also like to acknowledge the tremendous support,

wisdom, and guidance provided by Les Waite, who retires

this year after having served 40 years on our Board of

Directors. On behalf of everyone at Reliance, we wish to

express our gratitude to Dave and Les and wish them both

a happy and fulfilling retirement.

Gregg J. Mollin

s, President and Chief Executive Officer

James D. Hoffman

, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Karla R. Lewis

, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer