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Donna M. Newton

Vice President, Benefits

Donald J. Prebola

Vice President, Health, Safety & Human Resources

John A. Shatkus

Vice President, Internal Audit

Silva Yeghyayan

Vice President, Tax

Bernie J. Herrmann

President of Allegheny Steel Distributors, Inc.

David L. Potts

Ronald T. Stocker

Managing Directors of All Metal Services Limited

Joseph B. Wolf, Sr.

President of Aluminum and Stainless, Inc.

Nicole Heater

President of American Metals Corporation

Scott A. Smith

President of AMI Metals, Inc.

Brian M. Tenenbaum

President of CCC Steel, Inc.

Stanley J. Altman

President of Chapel Steel Corp.

Jerome Rooney

President of Chatham Steel Corporation

Brian K. Cleveland

President of Clayton Metals, Inc.

Randall C. Zajicek

President of Continental Alloys & Services, Inc.

Kristofer M. Farris

President of Crest Steel Corporation

Eric J. Offenberger

President of Delta Steel, Inc.

David L. Simpson

President of Diamond Manufacturing Company

Stephen P. Koch

President of Durrett Sheppard Steel Co., Inc.

James Desmond

President of Earle M. Jorgensen Company

Carlos Rodriguez-Borjas

President of Feralloy Corporation

James D. Hoffman

President of Fox Metals and Alloys, Inc.

Mark A. Haight

President of Infra-Metals Co.

David Corirossi

President of Liebovich Bros., Inc.

Don Gingery

President of Metals USA, Inc. – Flat-Rolled Group

James Urban

President of Metals USA, Inc. – Plates & Shapes Group

Karl Weston

Managing Director of Metalweb Limited

Mark Russ

President of National Specialty Alloys, Inc.

Michael J. Ruth

President of Northern Illinois Steel Supply Co.

John S. Nosler

President of Pacific Metal Company

Sean Mollins

President of PDM Steel Service Centers, Inc.

Barry L. Epps

President of Phoenix Corporation

Susan McKay

President of Precision Flamecutting and Steel, Inc.

Joseph P. Wolf

President of Precision Strip, Inc.

Douglas M. Nesbitt

President of Service Steel Aerospace Corp.

Paul J. Loftin

President of Siskin Steel & Supply Company, Inc.

Robert J. Sugar

President of Sugar Steel Corporation

James D. Hoffman

President of Sunbelt Steel Texas, Inc.

David L. Simpson

President of Toma Metals, Inc.

Daniel O. Hauck

President of Tubular Steel, Inc.

Steve Simon

President of Valex Corp.

Michael E. Allen

President of Viking Materials, Inc.

Matthew L. Smith

President of Yarde Metals, Inc.