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Fact Book 2009/2010
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Information & Media:
Providing Valuable Insights to Global Markets

McGraw-Hill Information & Media’s market-leading brands have a common focus: generating growth opportunities by integrating into customers’ workflows and infrastructure. By strengthening its technology infrastructure, Information & Media is enhancing its value-added relationships and better leveraging its brands’ industry-leading positions. The development of a robust technology infrastructure with common capabilities—part of a strategic Company-wide effort to leverage technology—is the framework that Information & Media will build upon and use to reshape its business and deliver premium services that transform data into valuable insights.

Framework for Growth

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Develop communities

User-generated content has become widespread on the Internet. Online communities provide an opportunity to build loyalty through a dialogue with industry experts and from their peers instead of a simple presentation of information

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New ways to monetize audiences

The greater Information & Media’s ability to understand and segment online customer needs and behavior, the better positioned its brands are to compete for advertising dollars

  • McGraw-Hill Construction generates premium prices for ads placed in its new video library that are targeted at specific customers
J.D. Power and Associates’s widget for the automotive industry

Customized experiences

Advanced tools now enable the creation of a personalized customer experience

  • Information & Media’s brands package content into downloadable "widgets" for greater value and customer engagement
  • PlattsOil news is followed on Twitter by energy market participants at