2011 Annual Report

   Board of Directors

Louis C. Camilleri
Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer

Bertrand Bonvin
Senior Vice President,
Research & Development

Patrick Brunel
Senior Vice President and
Chief Information Officer

André Calantzopoulos
Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Click
Senior Vice President,
Human Resources

Frederic de Wilde
Senior Vice President,
Marketing & Sales

Marc S. Firestone*
Senior Vice President
and General Counsel

Even Hurwitz
Senior Vice President,
Corporate Affairs

Martin King
Senior Vice President,

Marco Kuepfer
Vice President,
Finance and Treasurer

James R. Mortensen
President, Latin America
& Canada Region

Jacek Olczak
European Union Region

Matteo Pellegrini
Asia Region

Joachim Psotta
Vice President and

Hermann Waldemer
Chief Financial Officer

Jerry Whitson
Deputy General Counsel
and Corporate Secretary

Miroslaw Zielinski
President, Eastern Europe,
Middle East & Africa Region
and PMI Duty Free

*Effective April 16, 2012