2011 Annual Report


One of the growth opportunities that we have successfully seized is menthol. The Marlboro Fresh family is the fastest growing of the three Marlboro pillars. Menthol is a segment that has been expanding from a high base in several Asian markets. The menthol segment is also increasingly popular in Latin America. We have responded to this opportunity by launching several new Marlboro Fresh products over the last few years, such as Marlboro Ice Fresh in Argentina, Marlboro Blue Ice in Brazil, Marlboro Ice Xpress in Colombia and Marlboro Fresh in Mexico. These brands cater to a growing adult smoker preference for fresh taste sensations in a variety of innovative product offerings.

We have commanding shares of the menthol segment in many of these Latin American markets. In Argentina, for example, our share of the segment has grown by more than 15 points to over 67% in the last five years.