Health Net, Inc. Board of Directors

Roger F. Greaves 
Chairman of the Board
Health Net, Inc.
Former Co-Chairman of
the Board of Directors,
Co-President and
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Health Systems
International, Inc.
Mary Anne Citrino 3,4
Senior Managing Director
The Blackstone Group
Theodore F. Craver, Jr. 1,2
Chairman, President and
Chief Executive Officer
Edison International
Vicki B. Escarra 2,3
Chief Executive Officer
Opportunity International
Gale S. Fitzgerald 1,4
Former Chair and
Chief Executive Officer
Computer Task Group, Inc.
Patrick Foley 2,3
Former Chairman,
President and Chief
Executive Officer
DHL Airways, Inc.
Jay M. Gellert  
President and Chief
Executive Officer
Health Net, Inc.
Douglas M. Mancino 1,2
Hunton & Williams LLP
Bruce G. Willison 3,4
Dean Emeritus
UCLA Anderson
School of Management
Frederick C. Yeager 1,4
Former Senior Vice
President, Finance
Time Warner, Inc.
Board Committees:

  1. 1   Audit Committee
  2. 2   Governance Committee
  3. 3   Compensation Committee
  4. 4   Finance Committee

Health Net, Inc. Executive Officers

Jay M. Gellert
President and Chief
Executive Officer
Angelee F. Bouchard
Senior Vice President,
General Counsel and
Joseph C. Capezza, CPA
Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer and
Juanell Hefner
Chief Compliance and
Administration Officer
Scott D. Law
Health Care Services
Karin D. Mayhew
Senior Vice President,
Steven J. Sell
President, Western Region
Health Plan
Steven D. Tough
President, Government
James E. Woys
Executive Vice President
and Chief Operating Officer

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