4 Debt

Debt at December 31 consisted of:

  highlight year2009 2008
(millions)   Carrying
6.375% Senior Notes due 2012 (issued: $350.0, December 2001) $ 349.2 $ 375.1 $ 348.9 $ 355.3
7% Notes due 2013 (issued: $150.0, October 1993)   166.9   166.9   149.3   154.3
6 5/8% Senior Notes due 2029 (issued: $300.0, March 1999)   317.9   317.9   294.6   272.0
6.25% Senior Notes due 2032 (issued: $400.0, November 2002)   409.4   409.4   394.0   350.0
6.70% Fixed-to-Floating Rate Junior Subordinated Debentures
due 2067 (issued: $1,000.0, June 2007)
  989.7   884.9   988.7   450.0
Total $ 2,177.2 $ 2,154.2 $ 2,175.5 $ 1,581.6

All of the outstanding debt was issued by The Progressive Corporation. Debt includes amounts we have borrowed and contributed to the capital of our insurance subsidiaries or used, or have available for use, for other business purposes. Fair values are obtained from publicly quoted sources. There are no restrictive financial covenants or credit rating triggers on our debt.

Interest on all debt is payable semiannually at the stated rates. However, the 6.70% Fixed-to-Floating Rate Junior Subordinated Debentures due 2067 (the “Debentures”) will only bear interest at this fixed annual rate through, but excluding, June 15, 2017. Thereafter, the Debentures will bear interest at an annual rate equal to the three-month LIBOR plus 2.0175%, and the interest will be payable quarterly. In addition, subject to certain conditions, we have the right to defer the payment of interest on the Debentures for one or more periods not exceeding ten consecutive years each. During any such deferral period, among other conditions, interest would continue to accrue, including interest on the deferred interest, and we generally would not be able to declare or pay any dividends on, or repurchase any of, our common shares.

Except for the Debentures, all principal is due at the maturity stated in the table above. The Debentures will become due on June 15, 2037, the scheduled maturity date, but only to the extent that we have received sufficient net proceeds from the sale of certain qualifying capital securities. We must use our commercially reasonable efforts, subject to certain market disruption events, to sell enough qualifying capital securities to permit repayment of the Debentures in full on the scheduled maturity date or, if sufficient proceeds are not realized from the sale of such qualifying capital securities by such date, on each interest payment date thereafter. Any remaining outstanding principal will be due on June 15, 2067, the final maturity date.

The 7% Notes are noncallable. The 6.375% Senior Notes, the 6 5/8% Senior Notes, and the 6.25% Senior Notes (collectively, “Senior Notes”) may be redeemed in whole or in part at any time, at our option, subject to a “make-whole” provision. Subject to the Replacement Capital Covenant discussed below, the Debentures may be redeemed, in whole or in part, at any time:  (a) prior to June 15, 2017, at a redemption price equal to the greater of (i) 100% of the principal amount of the Debentures being redeemed, or (ii) a “make-whole” amount, in each case plus any accrued and unpaid interest; or (b) on or after June 15, 2017, at a redemption price equal to 100% of the principal amount of the Debentures being redeemed, plus any accrued and unpaid interest. In connection with the issuance of the Debentures, we entered into a Replacement Capital Covenant in which we agreed, for the benefit of the holders of one of our Senior Notes, that we will not repay, redeem, defease, or purchase all or part of the Debentures before June 15, 2047, unless, subject to certain limitations, we have received proceeds from the sale of certain replacement capital securities, as defined in the Replacement Capital Covenant.

Prior to issuance of the Senior Notes and Debentures, we entered into forecasted debt issuance hedges against possible rises in interest rates. Upon issuance of the applicable debt securities, the hedges were closed. At that time, we recognized, as part of accumulated other comprehensive income, unrealized gains (losses) of $18.4 million, $(4.2) million, $5.1 million, and $34.4 million associated with the 6.375% Senior Notes, the 6 5/8% Senior Notes, the 6.25% Senior Notes, and the Debentures, respectively. The gains (losses) on these hedges are deferred and are being recognized as adjustments to interest expense over the life of the related debt issuances for the Senior Notes, and over the 10-year fixed interest rate term for the Debentures.

On December 31, 2009, we entered into an amendment to the 364-Day Secured Liquidity Credit Facility Agreement (“Credit Facility Agreement”) with PNC Bank, National Association (PNC), successor to National City Bank (NCB), which extended the expiration date of our outstanding credit facility agreement until December 31, 2010, unless earlier pursuant to the terms of the agreement. Under this agreement, we may borrow up to $125 million, which may be increased to $150 million at our request but subject to PNC's discretion. The purpose of the credit facility is to provide liquidity in the event of disruptions in our cash management operations, such as disruptions in the financial markets that affect our ability to transfer or receive funds. We may borrow funds, on a revolving basis, either in the form of Eurodollar Loans or Base Rate Loans. Eurodollar Loans will bear interest at one-, two-, three-, or six-month LIBOR (as selected by us) plus 50 basis points for the selected period. Base Rate Loans will bear daily interest at the greater of (a) PNC's prime rate for such day, (b) the federal funds effective rate for such day plus 1/2% per annum, or (c) one-month LIBOR plus 2% per annum. Any borrowings under this agreement will be secured by a lien on certain marketable securities held in our investment portfolio. A facility fee of $12,500 was paid as consideration for this revolving agreement in each of 2008 and 2009. In addition, in January 2009, we deposited $125 million into an FDIC-insured deposit account (as part of the FDIC Temporary Liquidity Guarantee program) at NCB to provide us with additional cash availability in the event of such a disruption to our cash management operations; as of January 1, 2010, this deposit is no longer covered by FDIC insurance. Our access to these funds is unrestricted. However, if we withdraw funds from this account for any reason other than in connection with a disruption in our cash management operations, the availability of borrowings under the PNC credit facility will be reduced on a dollar-for-dollar basis until such time as we replenish the funds to the deposit account. There are no rating triggers under the credit agreement. We had no borrowings under this arrangement in 2009 or 2008.

The Credit Facility Agreement entered into on December 31, 2008, replaced an uncommitted line of credit with NCB in the principal amount of $125 million. Under the uncommitted line of credit, no commitment fees were required to be paid and there were no rating triggers. Interest on amounts borrowed would have generally accrued at the one-month LIBOR plus 0.375%. We had no borrowings under this arrangement during 2008.

Aggregate principal payments on debt outstanding at December 31, 2009, are $0 for 2010 and 2011, $350.0 million for 2012, $150.0 million for 2013, $0 for 2014, and $1.7 billion thereafter.


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