International expansion represents one of Choice's major growth opportunities. Choice is focusing on growth in high-potential key countries that are receptive to franchised lodging where brand equity can rapidly be established.

The strategy is to build a solid foundation of quality partnerships through joint ventures with experienced owner-operators and master franchise agreements in cases where the partner has an existing base of hotel operations to build upon.

Implementation of this plan is moving forward with the development of a comprehensive international marketing strategy and the establishment of an effective international franchise service delivery system.

   Developing an International Marketing Stategy

International brand standards will be uniformly defined, and marketing programs will be designed for maximum impact on a country-by-country basis.

Additionally, Choice will build sales through its recently launched global sales strategy by working with tour operators and travel agents and by leveraging existing resources such as the CHOICE 2001 reservation system and the worldwide sales force.

   Establishing an Effective Service Delivery System

The establishment of an effective international franchise service delivery system is founded on the need to deliver franchising "know-how" to Choice's overseas partners.

Choice will create an international structure parallel with its domestic organization that will deliver personalized service to each of its international franchises while enforcing standards and driving franchisee RevPAR performance.


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