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Executive Officers of Schlumberger
The following table sets forth, as of January 31, 2013, the names and ages of the executive officers of Schlumberger,
including all offices and positions held by each for at least the past five years.
Age Current Position and Five-Year Business Experience
Paal Kibsgaard
Chief Executive Officer, since August 2011; Director since April 2011; Chief Operating
Officer, February 2010 to July 2011; President Reservoir Characterization Group, May 2009
to February 2010; and Vice President Engineering, Manufacturing and Sustaining,
November 2007 to May 2009.
Simon Ayat
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, since March 2007; and Vice President
Treasurer, February 2005 to March 2007.
Alexander Juden
Secretary and General Counsel, since April 2009; Director of Compliance, February 2005 to
April 2009.
Satish Pai
Executive Vice President Operations, since April 2009; Vice President Operations, Oilfield
Services, May 2008 to April 2009; and President Europe Africa & Caspian, March 2006 to
May 2008.
Ashok Belani
54 Executive Vice President, Technology, since January 2011; President, Reservoir
Characterization Group, February 2010 to August 2011; Vice President and Chief
Technology Officer, April 2006 to February 2010; and Senior Advisor, Technology, January
2006 to April 2006.
Kjell-Erik Oestdahl
48 Executive Vice President Shared Services, Infrastructure and Distribution, since March
2012; Executive Vice President Operations, January 2011 to March 2012; Vice President
Supply Chain Services, May 2009 to December 2010; Vice President Operations
WesternGeco, January 2008 to April 2009; and Chief Procurement Officer at StatoilHydro
ASA, March 2006 to November 2007.
Jean-Francois Poupeau
51 Executive Vice President Corporate Development and Communications, since June 2012;
President Drilling Group, May 2010 to June 2012; President Drilling & Measurements, July
2007 to April 2010; and Vice President Communications and Investor Relations, April 2006
to June 2007.
Stephanie Cox
44 Vice President Human Resources, since May 2009; and North Gulf Coast GeoMarket
Manager, April 2006 to May 2009.
Mark Danton
56 Vice President – Director of Taxes, since January 1999.
Aaron Gatt Floridia
44 President, Reservoir Characterization Group, since August 2011; President Middle East,
May 2009 to July 2011; and General Manager – AOG, January 2007 to April 2009.
Howard Guild
41 Chief Accounting Officer, since July 2005.
Rodney Nelson
54 Vice President Government & Community Relations, since August 2011; and Vice President
Communications Innovation and Collaboration, October 2007 to July 2011.
Stephen Orr
49 President Drilling Group, since June 2012; President M-I SWACO, September 2010 to June
2012; President – Artificial Lift, July 2008 to August 2010; and Marketing and Technology
Manager, July 2006 to June 2008.
Patrick Schorn
44 President Reservoir Production Group, since January 2011; President Well Services, May
2008 to January 2011; and President Completions, April 2006 to April 2008.
Krishna Shivram
50 Vice President Treasurer, since January 2011; Controller Drilling Group, May 2010 to
January 2011; Manager Mergers & Acquisitions, May 2009 to April 2010; and Controller
Oilfield Services, August 2006 to April 2009.
Malcolm Theobald
51 Vice President Investor Relations, since June 2007.
Available Information
The Schlumberger Internet website is
. Schlumberger uses its Investor Relations website,
as a channel for routine distribution of important information, including news releases, analyst presentations, and
financial information. Schlumberger makes available free of charge on or through its Investor Relations website at
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