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predict well and field production over the lifetime of
the reservoir. The next step is to create an intelligent
and flexible production system that includes both the
well and a complete subsea processing plant.
With involvement in subsea systems for more than
35 years, Schlumberger already brings many of the
needed technologies and their integration to the mar-
ket. First, the company is the clear leader in reservoir
characterization and modeling, starting with the best
measurements in the industry. Schlumberger also owns
the market-leading INTERSECT* reservoir simulator,
which is fully integrated into the industry-standard
Petrel E&P workflow platform. Through the recent
acquisition of the SPT Group, the industry leader in
pipeline flow modeling and subsea flow assurance,
Schlumberger is extending production prediction capa-
bilities by factoring in all the constraints of the entire
subsea production system.
Second, Schlumberger is one of the market leaders
in artificial lift technology. Significant potential exists
in the combination of high-performance ESPs with sub-
sea multiphase pumps to create a powerful boosting
system driven by a common control system. In addi-
tion, Schlumberger leadership in intelligent comple-
tion technology extends to more than 3,500 gauges and
400 flow control valves installed worldwide over the
past 5 years.
Third, Schlumberger is now a leader in subsea mul-
tiphase boosting and metering as well as in wet
gas compression through its fast-growing Framo
Engineering product line. These unique multiphase
boosting and compression solutions are already deliv-
ering significantly increased recovery potential.
As offshore developments go deeper and reservoir
conditions become more complex, the industry can no
longer practically or financially rely on surface plat-
form facilities to provide the necessary processing
capabilities. The future lies in more sophisticated
subsea processing equipment and control systems with
additional focus on flow assurance and monitoring of
asset integrity. Furthermore, overall integration of the
production system by combining superior reservoir
knowledge and wellbore technologies with industry-
leading subsea technologies will synergistically deliver
the necessary enhanced productivity, reliability, and
integrity. Schlumberger is a leader in many of the
required technical disciplines.
Optimizing Production, Improving Recovery
The ability of the oil and gas industry to continually
lower finding and development costs has been remark-
able. Much of this has resulted from investment in new
technologies such as new-generation surface seismic
techniques and rotary-steerable drilling systems that
position wells more precisely, advanced wireline
logging measurements that improve the accuracy of
reservoir characterization, and permanent downhole
sensors and valves that monitor and control fluid move-
ments. These technologies have already enabled the
industry to increase recovery, and others such as game-
changing stimulation services, advanced completion
technologies, increased reservoir contact with multi-
lateral wells, and optimized artificial lift systems make
it possible to maintain or optimize production.
Schlumberger offers the industry’s broadest
upstream technology portfolio, spanning the explo-
ration and production cycle from beginning to end. Our
technology is backed by one of the industry’s largest
research and engineering networks, staffed by approx-
imately 11,000 scientists, engineers, and technicians
working in more than 65 technology centers spread
over 15 countries.
For more than 85 years, Schlumberger has been a
driving force in innovation. Today, that innovation
ranges from production technologies that have revolu-
tionized hydraulic fracturing with technology-based
fracturing fluids, to innovative business models that
share value between the customer and Schlumberger,
to exciting new developments in subsea operations as
the industry continues to face the challenges of the
environments of tomorrow. Above all, Schlumberger
seeks to help its customers in doing more with
less through our focus on innovation and technology to
optimize production and improve recovery.
Schlumberger seeks to help
its customers in doing more
with less through our focus
on innovation and technology
to optimize production
and improve recovery.
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