Schlumberger 2012 Annual Report - page 14

Top, in Sugar Land, Texas, USA,
Modeling and Mechanics Engineer
Pierre Ramondenc interprets DTS data
acquired from tools deployed using
ACTive coiled tubing. Shown to the left,
the Wireline Flow Scanner tool can be
deployed with ACTive technology to
acquire complex multiphase flow data
in horizontal and highly deviated wells.
The Flow Scanner tool was developed
using fundamental research conducted
in the flow loop at the Schlumberger
Gould Research Center in Cambridge,
UK, shown in the center.
ACTive* coiled tubing services use real-time downhole measurements to optimize
intervention operations while they are in progress. The ACTive system consists of a fiber-
optic cable, downhole hardware, surface electronics, and dynamic interpretation software
to provide internal and external pressure, temperature, depth correlation, and distributed
temperature sensing (DTS). ACTive technology can be combined with other Schlumberger
services to expand intervention options.
ACTive PS* integrated coiled tubing production services, for example, use the Wireline
Flow Scanner* deviated and horizontal well production logging system to significantly
improve efficiency by acquiring production logging data during intervention. Unlike
conventional services that require both a logging cable-equipped coiled tubing string and
a standard wireline logging unit to collect logging data, ACTive PS services use just one
fiber-optic string for both logging and intervention monitoring—greatly reducing the
equipment footprint. Distributed acoustic and temperature measurements are acquired
in real time and combined with production logging data to create an accurate profile of
well production.
ACTive PS services also provide
efficient long-term production
monitoring to analyze completion
effectiveness, reservoir depletion,
and zonal flow contributions. The
ACTive service’s integrated
technique using Flow Scanner and
DTS measurements provides time
and logistics savings over
conventional approaches requiring
separate production logs over different time periods and eliminates the need for multiple
coiled tubing runs to validate DTS measurements.
ACTive Coiled Tubing Services
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