Base Load The minimum amount of electric power or natural gas delivered or required over a given period of time at a steady rate. The minimum continuous load or demand in a power system over a given period of time usually not temperature sensitive.

British Thermal Unit (Btu) A standard unit for measuring thermal energy or heat commonly used as a gauge for the energy content of natural gas and other fuels.

Cogeneration Facility A facility that produces electric energy and useful thermal energy for industrial, commercial, heating or cooling purposes.

Combined Cycle The combination of one or more gas turbines and steam turbines in an electric generation plant. An electric generating technology in which electricity is produced from otherwise lost waste heat exiting from one or more gas turbines.

Cubic Foot (cf) The most common unit of measurement of gas volume; the amount of natural gas required to fill a volume of one cubic foot under stated conditions of temperature, pressure and water vapor.

Distribution The system of lines, transformers and switches that connect the electric transmission system to customers.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) The agency that regulates the transportation of electricity and natural gas in interstate commerce and authorizes the buying and selling of energy commodities at market-based rates.

Gathering System Pipeline, processing and related facilities that access production and other sources of natural gas supplies for delivery to mainline transmission systems.

Generation The process of transforming other forms of energy, such as nuclear or fossil fuels, into electricity. Also, the amount of electric energy produced, expressed in megawatt-hours.

Independent System Operator (ISO) Ensures non-discriminatory access to a regional transmission system, providing all customers access to the power exchange and clearing all bilateral contract requests for use of the electric transmission system. Also responsible for maintaining bulk electric system reliability.

Jurisdictional Facilities and activities subject to the primary regulatory oversight of FERC or state regulatory agencies.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Natural gas that has been converted to a liquid by cooling it to -260 F.

Merchant Plant A power plant that sells directly to wholesale customers without its output necessarily being committed to long-term power sales agreements.

Natural Gas A naturally occurring mixture of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gases found in porous geological formations beneath the earth's surface, often in association with petroleum. The principal constituent is methane.

Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Liquid hydrocarbons extracted during the processing of natural gas. Principal commercial NGLs include butanes, propane, natural gasoline and ethane.

Natural Gas/Power Marketer An entity which buys and sells a commodity or commodities at either fixed or index prices. More sophisticated trader/marketing entities also provide comprehensive energy management services, such as capacity, supply, storage and price risk management.

Peak Load The amount of electricity required during periods of highest demand. Peak periods fluctuate by season, generally occurring in the morning hours in winter and in late afternoon during the summer.

Throughput The amount of natural gas transported through a pipeline system.

Transmission System (Electric) An interconnected group of electric transmission lines and related equipment for moving or transferring electric energy in bulk between points of supply and points at which it is transformed for delivery over a distribution system to customers, or for delivery to other electric transmission systems.

Transmission System (Natural Gas) An interconnected group of natural gas pipelines and associated facilities for transporting natural gas in bulk between points of supply and delivery points to industrial customers, local distribution companies, or for delivery to other natural gas transmission systems.

Units of Measure:
TBtu One trillion British thermal units
TBtu/d One trillion British thermal units per day
MMcf One million cubic feet
MMcf/d One million cubic feet per day
MW Megawatts, one million watts
MWh Megawatt-hour, one million watt-hours of energy
GW Gigawatt, one billion watts
GWh Gigawatt-hour, one billion watt-hours of energy
MBbl/d One thousand barrels per day